Friday, August 14, 2009

YouTube Is Dangerous For Political Tyrants, So Why Not Empower Yourself!

As our mainstream broadcast and print media fades off to the sunset, YouTube has risen. Yes, YouTube is a free for all but it’s free speech at its best.

Those video moments of politicians misleading Americans can be counted on being replayed the very second memories begin to fade.

These days political or corporate corruption can’t seem to escape exposure on YouTube. If the mainstream media chooses to keep the public in the dark, YouTube citizen reporters and producers fill that vast void.

Free speech is the very cornerstone to our free society. As a staunch and unyielding Second Amendment supporter I can say the computer keyboard and the video camera are mightier than the sword. Each right protects the other.

The Internet is a natural enemy to dictators and despots. We must fight to keep it free or they will tax and regulate it out of existence.

The camera and the keyboard are not tools for the exclusive use of Conservatives or Liberals.

If you don’t have a video camera get one! There are some great, new generation, inexpensive, high definition cameras like the $200.00 Flip HD. Learn how to edit and put your exposé’ up on YouTube for the world to see. It is really easy to do!

Don’t be afraid to jump in front of your own camera tell your story.
Be sure to use the YouTube Tag line so people searching on Google can zero in on the names and subject matter of your reports.

Why allow waste and corruption when you have the power to stop it? Why allow injustice when you can expose the truth? Technology has given us the greatest tools ever to protect and defend liberty and we all have a duty to use them.

Once you have that camera, don’t leave home without it!


Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Paul:
Your post is so good and very true. I just got my own channel a week or so ago, when I got high speed net, and it's INVALUABLE for keeping up with all the Lies Obama and other's tell.

The search engine is very easy to use and good, so typing in subjects in tag lines is the way to go.

I've been thinking of getting a flip video camera, as well,,,,I'm waiting for the next good sale somewhere. I've seen them for around $130 on sale, and the portability factor is wonderful.

Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Exercise your First Amendment rights so you dont have to exercise your Second Amendment rights.

Jim McMahon said...

The $200 camera is no problem, but what would you recommend as a "user friendly" editing system, and its cost?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Windows PC computers come with starter software that would allow for simple editing. I never figured them out and opted for an inexpensive program now called Corel Videostudio Pro x2. It’s cheap at $69.00, easy to understand and use. Okay, I love the program.

The best video editing software is Final Cut Pro which is only for MAC.

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