Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why American Education Gets a Failing Grade

Today I’m going to attack crappy teachers, their unions and blatant tenure abuse.

We have an outrageous dropout rate in America despite offering taxpayer provided classes through high school. When teachers fail our youngsters they set them up for a life of poverty, heartbreak and deprivation. The conventional wisdom is to blame the students and their parents rather than the sacred cows we call teachers.

The teaching profession was hijacked by the politically far Left many decades ago and the ignorance of Americans screams out this fact constantly. The American educational system has been sabotaged in order to fail America.

Being a teacher requires more than reciting lessons and going through the motions of teaching. The problem is that the vast majority of teachers lack the most important skill to keep the students captivated, interested and excited. That is simple showmanship.

Teaching demands that the person giving the class be interested, excited and enthusiastic about the subject being taught. If the teacher has a deadpan delivery few if any students are going to get interested or even want to pay attention in class. Deadpan delivery is failure in the making. When teachers fail out comes the “bell curve” grading system to pretend failure does not exist.

Teachers need to look and act sharp. They need to speak well with energy and excitement. A great teacher has the stage presence of a rock star and can set a fire inside the minds of the students enabling them to master the material.

Teachers need to reinforce the fact that educational success means wealth, comfort and fewer worries in life. They refuse to do that out of allegiance to Leftist political correctness.

Teachers refuse to condemn poverty and ignorance especially in the poorest neighborhoods. Poverty and ignorance is unacceptable in a society outside of prehistoric cave dwellers. The students must be made to understand this.

I have a question for all of my blog visitors. What percentage of your teachers inspired or excited you about anything at all. I know the answer and it’s around ten percent or less. That in itself is an American tragedy.

Any war on poverty begins or ends with teachers. The soldiers for this war must be the best they can be. Teachers must learn to turn the floor of their classroom into a stage and show your students how what you’re teaching them will bring great opportunities into their lives. You cannot teach without humor. A class of smiling students is the class where the gift of knowledge is passed on.


Anonymous said...

This may interest you.
It's about the teachers union in Michigan, but it applies to most of them.

Anonymous said...

Paul, here's the thing:

1. Public Education is designed to dumb down each generation, with the goal being 90% of the population dumb as dirt, 9% of the population intelligent enough to serve the remaining 1%'s interests.

Representative Democracy is the means by which this is being accomplished.

Human Nature is the source of this means being available to the 1% that wish to rule over the 99%.

The Seven Deadly Sins have been known to man for centuries.

We are our own worst enemies.

Anonymous said...

Teachers must also have the will and ability to enforce discipline. These helicopter parents ("not my little Sally!") need to be told what to go do with themselves.

Anonymous said...

Chicago does not have an educational system.It has the worlds largest day care operation.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the right has only itself to blame. If the statist/protestants hadn't demanded compulsory government education, there wouldn't have been anything for the left to take over.

It's now time to call for separation of school from state.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Do you really want to know what is wrong with the American education system? It’s the parents, and the conditions which exist in the homes of the children. The parents have roughly 5-6 years to mold the values, curiosity, personalities, and attitudes of the children. More parents are disillusioned, have more economic difficulties to address personally, and thus do not have as much energy or time as parents in the past to deal with the issues affecting their children. People change when they are sufficiently motivated to change. With so many unmotivated parents out there, why should we expect the kids to be motivated? By the time they reach grade school, they are complicated human beings and the education professionals are faced with major challenges.