Sunday, February 27, 2011

How Socialism Can Be So Much Fun!

When enough people want the free ride Socialism promises, they’ve made the bed they probably will have to sleep in for the rest of their lives. Of course any nation could simple get recreated by a Socialist style, coup d'état.

When Socialists gain power they always convince the peons that they need so many more laws for their own good and safety. Perhaps convince is the wrong word, perhaps insist may be a better choice here. This can happen all at once of slowly over decades like it has in the United States.

Since so many the peons will eventually find themselves somewhat uncomfortable or enslaved they too often vote with their feet and find a freer place to live and raise their family.

This is where all those new and helpful laws they enacted come in handy. So many things become illegal nearly everyone becomes a criminal. The police can round up the violators of ration card abuse, curfew violations or fraternization with those counter-revolutionary terrorists. Now they have fertile pool of peons they can create government snitches from. It’s all very simple snitch or lose their family and be imprisoned. Soon everyone is snitching on everyone and government knows all!

The only way out is to slaughter the Socialist Party leaders and return freedom, starting with scuttling all those unneeded laws, frisking checkpoints and phony anti-terrorist programs.

Perhaps we must make snitching socially unacceptable through severe retaliation. I’m not in any way suggesting we protect thugs, rapists or such. It’s very simple here. If the law involved has no victim or personal violence to innocent people snitching must be discouraged.

Anyone helping Socialists maintain absolute power and control on the other hand is fair game for any curbside or extra-judicial punishment at all. Perhaps we can show our displeasure with those traitors working for the TSA Socialist Jobs Program. A good candidate might be someone just like TSA Screener, Butler who was caught on tape trying to seize my camera from me outside of an airport terminal.

Ms. Butler had no legal authority to assault or rob me of my camera under any federal, state or local law. TSA screeners thankfully have no power of arrest. Ms.Butler, did not need any law here because she appointed herself not only judge, jury and executioner but also as a lawmaker!


Anonymous said...

Did you lodge a formal complaint against this nazi? And if you did, what became of it?

Anonymous said...

lets start fuckin em up people!

Anonymous said...

Yes, inquiring minds want to know what happened to this biotch.

Anonymous said...

Tuff Chicago cop running away from a scrawny boon? I could see if you were a West Hollywood sheriff. hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Make way for DUKE