Thursday, February 17, 2011

Remove all Lawless Wisconsin Lawmakers and Teachers from the Public Payroll.

The voters of this state demanded change. They elected people that would protect taxpayers. Teachers are in for some serious belt tightening in a state that has spent itself into bankruptcy.

Thousands of teachers and the Leftist, pro-union members of the state Legislature have gone into a lawless rebellion.

Perhaps we can put an end to educating Central and South America's children that trespass on our soil to save come cash while we are at it.

The answer is simple, fire all renegade teachers for abandoning their positions and impeach the members of the Legislature that willfully fled the state to obstruct the democratic process.

There are plenty of unemployed people that are qualified to babysit children in the public day care program they like to call a school system. Let them have the jobs.

As for the AWOL lawmakers, they all violated their oaths to faithfully perform their dities and can be now be removed.


Anonymous said...

We won't survive two more years of Obama's efforts to divide America.

Anonymous said...

The Wisconsin Republicans booted out almost all of the Democratic party. They were just tired of O'Bama's Change!

The Unions were all supported by the Dem's!

Looks like Wisconsin is just plain tired of Democratic Rule and WILL change the public pensions, contracts, and salaries of the working class!

Expect more of this around the Country as people can't take anymore taxing and loss of benefits!


Anonymous said...

Get the out of control teacher unions in check and lets get education back to the 3 r's.