Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicago’s Mayoral Primary Race

Chicago, IL—All the candidates come from the depths of Socialist Hell. They all reflect ghetto values of corruption and extortionate taxation of any productive citizens left in this city.

No matter who wins taxpayers will lose. The Welfare Zombies are being exploited more than ever as their chance at living the American Dream is quashed forever. They get more of the same, poverty, violence and narcotics instead of hope.

Chicago has too many generations of ignorant, unmotivated, lazy but prolific breeders have found a place in a surreal and sub-human world. They are at the bottom of human evolution and sinking further every day. Socialism has become a form of genocide for African-Americans in the Windy City.


Anonymous said...

self imposed.

Anonymous said...

keep buying weapons and ammo folks.