Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama, The Anchor Around The necks Of Democrats

Washington, DC—Aside from being a Communist and a traitor Barack Obama is a giant disappointment because he’s continued every bad policy of George W. Bush. Expanding and extending the Patriot Act is one glaring example.

Real Liberals want government that rules with transparency. Instead, they have gotten a Soviet style wall around a group of un-vetted and un-elected Czars making government policy.

Obama’s branding of the Democratic Party as being in favor of a giant Muslim Mosque at the sight of the World Trade Center murderous attack on America is pure genius. Terrorist Muslim Nations know Obama has taken their side over that of Americans. Obama now has allies from Muslim and Communist nations needed to overcome the future resistance of Americans to his revolution.

Americans have slowly educated themselves about Socialism, and the enslavement, poverty and holocaust it guarantees. The Democratic Party had shifted far left, well under the radar of most Americans. Obama has in fact, exposed his fellow traitors in Congress through sheer carelessness.

As we approach the mid-term elections Obama has become a giant anchor around the necks of his fellow Communist traitors. They are now marked men and women than know they will be expelled from our capital.

Most Democratic Party office holders would like to forget they ever knew Obama. They want Obama to direct financial re-election support their way but they no longer want to be seen with him.

I don’t see how Americans will continue to tolerate Obama, or his failing Socialist revolution. I fully expect to see Obama forcibly removed from our Whitehouse if he refuses to resign. Obama's chances of finishing his first term are slim.

The Socialists and Communists in America can be expected to continue their revolution by force and violence if they can’t gain a political victory. Will Obama head that movement with multi-national forces when the time comes? That remains to be seen.


Anonymous said...

Most, if not all of obama's liberal domestic supporters come from the intellectual elite class of unrealistic dreamers.
These people would be usless if it comes to the use of force.
obama's recourse to international fighters would be disasterous as the U.S. Army, Marines, etc. PLUS the average armed citizen would make very short work of these invaders. I really can't see any nation in the world willing to donate troops for this debacle.
I believe obama would like to become "President for life" but doubt it will happen.
Paul in Texas

Anonymous said...

I wish the commies would revolt, we would crush them. Let's get it over.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass"

Admiral Yamamoto

Anonymous said...

this whole situation is a nightmare, and a lesson for all to NEVER trust democrat politicians or the lib-commie mainstream news media. Trust few Republicans as well, and keep a close eye on them also. Further, never trust any Hollywood Celebreties or throw away your hard earned money on their trash movies, thus making them rich and aiding the socialist enemy.