Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missing Bakersfield Physician Found Dead, Sordid Details Abound

Bakersfield, CA—An attractive lady physician, Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac was found decomposing inside a chimney of a local home.

This is such a bizarre affair involving money woes, a relationship gone wrong and a very strange, seemingly needless and horrible death. There has got to be so much more to this sad tale.

Read the details right here.


It's McTwitter! said...

Paul: This doc sounds like she was bi-polar. I feel sorry for her and others with mental illness.

Det. Shaved Longcock said...

I thought doctors quit making house calls!

Anonymous said...

An attractrive women,but she has the look of a headcase type.Such a shame these things happen.

Anonymous said...

My bottom line is: This is what unbridled personal obsession leads to.

Here, an obviously bright (he is an MD) attractive lady became so obsessed with her “boyfriend’s” not returning her phone calls that she decided to break into his home and to confront him.

Not being able to gain access through windows or doors the tortured soul decided to shimmy down the fireplace chimney. She (of course) got stuck.

Her bad luck: Her “BF” was on holiday, and it was summer time so the house sitter did not make a fire. So she was not discovered until her decomposition made itself known.

A very tragic illustration of what untreated mental illness and obsession can lead to.

Black Hand said...

I've built hundreds of fireplaces, even the biggest of them have flue liners that even I, at 140lbs could barely fit in. I just can't imagine anyone even thinking to venture down one. Especially a female at the first sign of all that soot! Not to mention if you've ever built a fire in a fireplace you'd know there was a damper in there and there isn't any way possible to get past that!

I hope she went quick, I can imagine the terror, panic and desperation.......like in a nightmare, only very real.

Unknown said...

This is the type of shit ' that happened on the Doc's day off ... while @ CafeMed in Bksfld,Ca.
BARTENDER ' Make mine a double .... I believe were her lastwords ✌Im out !

Unknown said...

This is what happens ' a person has been misinformed completely of the truth of Santa Claus .
Doc said " fuck it ... if Santa can do it . Watch Me ! "