Monday, August 23, 2010

Cops Writing Cops, a Really Dumb Idea

Chicago, IL—When you take job in various industries there are sometime sweet perks. If you work for the airlines you get free air travel. Waiters, cooks and restaurant workers get free food.

For cops the perk, is to not have to pay for our fair share of traffic citations. Yes, too often we drive our personal cars fearlessly, as we shamelessly break the law. Of course that does not include DUI, reckless driving or causing accidents. The Robocop extortion cameras put up to snare driver’s wallets don’t excuse cops in any way.

Cops today are suffering from lack of privacy in a big way. GPS, jerks with cell-phone cameras and dashboard cameras spy on police incessantly. So the job is far less desirable today.

Then there are plenty of police bureaucrats appointed by mayors that are obsessed with getting money from as many suckers as possible. They have spread poison in police academies suggesting that they should write citations to fellow cops.

Impressionable recruits may not understand that their very lives depend upon that fellow officer they wrote a citation last month who may not see the value of risking his life to help some kiss ass.

Any cop who writes fellow cops petty citations deserves to be a Pariah with nobody to back him or her up in an emergency.


Anonymous said...

make sure you stay out of orland park and bridgeview, they are known for that.

Anonymous said...

Stay out of Wisconsin!

It's Not All Real said...

I take exception to what you say, even though I've never written another officer. Told many to go to hell or kiss my ass, but never wrote a ticket to a copper.

But I do hate the arrogant cops who drive like total asshats and don't care because they know they won't get a ticket.

Any of us can have a mental fart and blow a stop sign, forget to signal a turn or lane change or speed once in a while, but when you don't pay your license fees, cover up your license plates with dark tint covers or any other deliberate shit (usually with an FOP medallion affixed to the plate or rear for all the public to see) I want to scream. WTF!

I still don't write other cops a ticket, but the asshats still piss me off.

Anonymous said...

I was only following orders

Not a cop said...

I agree Paul. IMNSHO, any Police Officer that writes another for a minor traffic infraction is not a Police Officer but instead a pimp and a whore. And I apologize in advance to pimps and whores everywhere for placing them in the same catagory as a copper that writes other coppers. Pimps and whores are usually a much better class of people than cops who write cops.

Ed Skinner said...

Nope, wrong.

The law applies to everyone. It applies to law breakers just as it applies to law enforcers and to law makers.

Yes, there are exceptions and sometimes a warning is appropriate. That should be left to an officer's discretion.

But no one is above the law.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

This issue is really not about the LAW. This is about politicians that care not about traffic safety but boosting revenue. They have turned cops into tax extortionists and that wrong.

Cops should not be extorting from anyone especially other cops.

Anonymous said...

The guys I see who are the biggest traffic nazis on the planet,are also the biggest abusers of their badge.

Having a tin does not give you a license to drive 90+mph in a 20 zone or blow stop signs ALL the time.

I dont write certain people like doctors or nurses for routine minor offenses because if I have to go to the ER I dont want any tubes shoved in places they dont belong.

Ed Skinner said...

I agree with your clarification, Paul: "They have turned cops into tax extortionists and that [is] wrong."

The laws, like the politicians, are supposed to be there to serve and protect the people.

Politicians who make laws and policies for other reasons are just as bad as those who make policies of not enforcing laws. (I'm thinking of my home state of Arizona and our problem with illegal immigration that the past several federal administrations have chosen to ignore.)

We are a civilization of laws. Enforce the laws that exist and, where bad laws are present, then get them removed ... and the bad politicians with them.

(Yeah, I know, "easier said than done." But I did cast my vote in today's primary in AZ. And I did get into a Facebook squabble over the border issue with one of my liberal neighbors. Two small steps forward. Maybe.)

Anonymous said...

Take care of each other, brother and sister officers, as long as we make an honest mistake and are courteous and not acting like total assholes. we are the only ones we have, to look out for each other, weather rookies, seasoned officers, or honorably retired, we are a unique brotherhood of fantastic, caring people, who risk our lives daily, and if we can't help each other out once in awhile, who can we help out? Stick together, times are tough for all of us. We, and we alone, know how it is to see Hell on Earth, and need to help and understand each other as much as we possibly can. We are all we have, along with whatever family and friends we cherish and love.

Anonymous said...

Ok Paul but where do you draw the line? When does an off duty officer finally go too far?

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

I drew the line for simple traffic violations not crimes like DUI.