Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why Judge Larry Paul Fidler Is Dead Wrong

Legendary record producer, Phil Spector is on trial for his life. A woman we all now know, Lana Clarkson was addicted to narcotic drugs and alcohol as well as being impaired by them. Clarkson was found dead in Spector’s home and now Phil Spector is charged with killing her.

Lana Clarkson was desperate, destitute, and depressed. We also discovered during this trial that Clarkson forged letterheads and the signatures of entertainment executives on letters promising future work and extolling her immense talents as a performer. The letters were not simply used to puff her resume but to swindle people she knew out of $60,000.00 to fund her pathetic video, Lana Unleashed. Clarkson had yet another habit we were informed about during the trial. She would steal drugs from the medicine cabinets of her own friends to satisfy her drug addiction.

My theory is a simple one. Lana Clarkson, a stranger to Phil Spector came to his home as a paid prostitute. It's now clear she had some sexual activity with Phil Spector. I believe Lana Clarkson was searching and pilfering Spector's home when she found one of Phil Spector’s guns. I also believe Spector caught her and because she was drugged up and drunk she recklessly tried to put on a show with the gun she removed and simply killed herself.

As for the parade of what I’ve called, Bimbos, Spector’s old girlfriends came in and all told decades old stories of Spector behaving badly with firearms where nobody ever got hurt.

The significant difference between the Bimbos and Ms. Clarkson is really quite simple. Every one of the Bimbos who testified for the prosecution was well acquainted with Spector sleeping with and working for him for years. If you believe these women and I don’t, you could argue that Spector earned his right to womanize and abuse them. They all to a one said Phil Spector was always a perfect gentlemen for many moths or even years before these alleged assaults took place. Lana Clarkson had only known Phil Spector for a few hours.

The recently changed California Evidence Code(1101b)allows the court to taint a jury with ancient allegations provided that conduct was reasonably similar in nature. However the prejudice of the evidence must not outweigh its probative value. The changes made in the code were never well thought out but until modified are there, as is. The judge has descresition to disallow bringing 1101b material forward.

Since there has never once been a case suggested where Phil Spector revealed his "eccentric side" to strangers but instead to lovers, confidants and trusted employees this does not fit into 1101b material. Phil Spector is not getting a fair trial in Judge Fidler's court.

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Anonymous said...

Paul, You're so right about this trial and Judge Fidler. God only knows what this jury will do but both sides seem to be locked in tight. Can you say MISTRIAL?

When I suggest that Spector may be innocent many of my friends become soooo angry!

I guess too many people want to do away with trial and just hang whoever the media points at.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. It is refreshing to read another opinion on this trial. I left the CTV message boards because they are ruled by rabid anti-Spector posters. And they "made up their collective minds" last April - so much for trial watching!

Anonymous said...

Judge Larry Fidler is dead wrong in many ways -

first to let all those old girlfriends of Spector's into his courtroom but that was not the only problem.

When things go wrong -like a dead girl in your castle - there is great pressure on those around you, and if the relationship is not that tight and if there is fear and a need to gain something like a green card or money - then there is often BETRAYAL.

Spector's chauffeur Adriano DeSousa was working illegally in US without a work permit on Feb 3 2003.

Spector's chauffeur Adriano De Sousa has testified to what he thought Spector said to him immediately after Lana's death.

But it is possible that Adriano misheard or is not telling the truth so he would not be arrested for murder or deported and Adriano may have wanted to spin a yarn in the hope of appeasing the US authorities which then threw the scent on to Spector for murder

All because Adriano De Sousa did not have a work permit to work in US and did not want to be tied in to murder or deported.

Because of these factors Adriano De Sousa has more motivation than most people who are citizens or residents in US to distort what he heard and saw as De Sousa had much to gain from this tragedy- such as a green card for Adriano to stay and work in the USA.

Also since Feb 2003 De Sousa has not had any independence from the California authorities in any way as he is not a resident of US.

Because of his Immigration Situation the Chauffeur Adriano De Sousa can be used by the California Prosecution like a puppet to say things against Phil Spector which may be a pile of crap, especially as De Sousa is not very independant in the USA currently.

Also De Souza's testimony was extremely inconsistent when he said that Phil Spector did not know Adriano's name when Phil Spector obviously did know Adriano's name as Adriano mimicked Spector in the court to everyone by saying out loud "Adriano Adriano take me to the grill"

whatever one's faith in De Sousa's testimony Adriano certainly has motivation to distort the truth so as to gain his US residency and not be deported from the US. I personally don't have alot of faith in Chauffeur Adriano De Sousa's testimony