Sunday, September 17, 2006

Young Chicago Man Shot Dead By Vigilante!

It happened despite every legislative effort to prevent this sort of thing. Chicago does its best to provide safe-working conditions for muggers, rapists and killers through unyielding gun bans. You see in Chicago only criminals and cops can carry guns. Of course there are those politicians who want to disarm the cops too! So far they’ve managed to reduce firing range training from four times per year to one for Chicago police officers.

The unthinkable happened this time. Instead of a couple simply turning over their cash or property, they strong-armed one of their armed robbers taking his gun away and shooting him.

Wounded, Jon Diego Sylvester, 31 then fled to a get away car. The vigilante killer held a second robber at gunpoint until police arrived. Sylvester’s third unknown accomplice drove him to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park where he died.

It turned out that the trio of robbers obtained another man’s cash and wristwatch moments earlier. At least that man did not try to take the law into his own hands!

I’m sure Chicago’s lawmakers are wringing their hands to come up with some new laws to prevent crime victims from harming other robbers like poor Jon Sylvester who simply need money.

Note: Some people don't get that I wrote this in jest to Chicago's gun bans. The victim here are not a vigilante but a hero. Score one for Darwin!

Here is what WBBM-TV had to say


Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Sabian, that Vigilante label is in jest to Chicago's really stupid gun bans.

Anyone who can survive a forcable felony and send some felon to rot in some land fill is not a vigilante but a hero!

Anonymous said...

I got your use of vigilante. But I don't follow your description of the incident based on the news report. Using your description the intended victim at some point had control of the gun meaning that the victim was in violation of Chicago's ban on private handgun possession. Why isn't this "dangerous" victim being charged? Possibly because the police are charging the captured accomplise with the shooting crime.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

They can’t charge the victim who gained possession of the gun because it was valid self-defense and that the momentary possession of the firearm fell under the necessity defense. That’s all under IL state law.