Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Dog’s Dilemma

First let me say I’m no fan of Duane "Dog" Chapman. Chapman is the larger than life convicted felon, who for cash hunts down other felons. The American public’s insatiable and voyeuristic appetite yearning to see life in America’s trailer parks has made the flamboyant Chapman a star of sorts. I have nothing against bounty hunters but I have a problem with felons in general. Chapman paid his debt to society but still carries the, Mark of Cain as an unpardoned felon.

Andrew Luster, is heir to the Max Factor fortune, a rapist (convicted in absentia), and bail absconder who fled to Mexico. No, I’m no fan of Luster either.

Last is the incredibly corrupt Mexican Nation. I have not had an urge to visit Mexico for any reason. The government is in serious need of an invasion or revolution. The Mexican leaders need to be turned out and soon.

Those are the players and I don't like any of them.

Chapman tracked down bail jumper Luster in Mexico where Chapman’s trade is prohibited. Soon Luster was safely locked away in an American prison. The bad news is Chapman was arrested for some kidnapping or unlawful restraint allegation for his role in the return of Luster to the United States. Chapman posted bail and quickly failed to appear and went on to build a high profile with his T.V show on the A&E Network.

Chapman’s new and high profile was his undoing. Some Mexican official’s now believe that Chapman has struck it rich and they want their share. They put out an extradition request to get Chapman back to Mexico where they will simply sell him his freedom. Does Mexico want some justice for some real transgression? Does anyone in Mexico really care that some Gringo rapist was taken away by some other Gringo? This is about the unbridled greed of Mexican bureaucrats and nothing more.

One thing for sure if Chapman does not pay up they will see to it that he will spend years in a horrid Mexican prison. Somehow I don’t think the Gringo bounty hunter will do to very well with his new prison neighbors.

I think there should be a political or diplomatic solution rather than allow the extortion and or over-reaction to Chapman’s transgression. If the “dog” has any friends they should be all over President George Bush like a cheap suit to intervene in this debacle.

Here is the latest as of 9/22/06

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Anonymous said...

Paul you're right again-all the way around...

This is only about extortion.