Monday, September 04, 2006

I’m Not Fond Of George Bush

Which one you ask? They are clones of each other, Texas Liberals that think they’re conservative. Neither Bush was forthright with their promises to voters and led us into more massive government spending.

The freefall immigration agenda of George W. Bush amounts to nothing short of treason. The threat to our economy and way of life from illegal immigration is far more severe than what’s going on in those rogue Arab nations.

I was never supportive of the war in Iraq but support every last one of our soldiers. When you make war you don’t come in and try to separate the good guys from the bad. You bomb until there is only scorched earth. The Bush policy in Iraq stinks and is killing our soldiers.

The Democrats have gone so far to the land of Karl Marx that they won’t settle until we are all slaves with their tax plans. The Democrats have nothing to offer America except poverty and pain unless you’re a government contractor.

In short we are now stuck with the most worthless bunch of whack jobs, crooks and Marxists that we’ve ever had.

There is nobody I trust to run the Whitehouse currently in Government. We need to find a candidate from outside the American political scene who is loyal to the concept of the U.S. Constitution.

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