Sunday, September 03, 2006

Another View The War On Drugs (video)

Penn and Teller make a convincing argument for ending the Drug War.

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Sabian said...

Well, the things I garnered from this video clip is that The G....or Government to you an me, is run by a bunch of wackjobs. But, we already knew this. People with limited life experience, sheltered and privileged, with hired advisors or appointed friends, who have their heads as far up their own asses as they have them up their bosses, are responsible for YOU and ME. SCARY!!!!

War on drugs....war on terror...war on racism, war on hate, war on sex, war on poverty, war on crime. The one war they are missing is the one they declared on the citizens of this country. With each "WAR", does anyone else notice how more and more of our liberties are taken away? the name of "winning the war". Penn & Teller just jogged my memory with this clip.