Friday, September 08, 2006

Chicago Police Officers Making Really Bad News

The Chicago Police department has had troubles in its history. None seem so serious as the latest saga of corruption. I only hope this is overblown and more sizzle than substance.

I’ve heard the rumors for a while and avoided spreading them but now four cops of the Special Operations Section have been arrested and are facing Class X Felony charges. Class X charges carry 30-year prison terms.

Right now officers Jerome Finnigan, 43; Thomas Sherry, 32; Carl Suchocki, 32, and Keith Herrera, 28, have been charged with an array of despicable acts including kidnapping, home invasion and drug charges. The current allegations among other things are that the officers raided drug dealers, stealing all the guns, drugs and money. Some arrestees have claimed they were framed by officers using narcotics stolen by the cops from other criminals.

Four more officers including a sergeant are also suspected, have been stripped of their guns, stars and police powers and are under investigation. The easiest way for them to get out of criminal charges is to implicate others for even more wrongdoing.

The rumors are that perhaps some of these officers are cooperating in the investigation implicating yet more officers. There are lots of video and audio recordings that will find their way into prosecution evidence.

Hundreds, if not more criminal cases have been or will be dismissed against people arrested by these officers. People will be released from jail and prisons as a result. You can expect a huge waive of lawsuits claiming false arrest to be filed in various courts soon.

I just don’t see the victims of these officer’s alleged crimes as being sympathetic in any way. They are some the dangerous slime of predatory creatures that inhabit this earth.

I’m thinking back to the early 1960’s and the Summerdale police burglary scandal that brought in major reforms and O.W. Wilson to lead the department. That seemed so pale by comparison.

Right now Chicago’s drug dealers and street gang rats are rejoicing because this will have a huge impact on future enforcement against them.

I’m going to restate my position about the failed Drug War. The Drug War has created a much deadlier and perverse culture than the drugs themselves. We must rethink our drug law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Paul, I can't believe that the judge in this case set the bonds at 1,2 & 3 million dollars. I would like to see his track record in regards to setting bonds. I'll bet he has never set a bond that high. I don't condone what these officers are accused of . But everyone deserves a bond . Does he think that they are a danger or a flight risk B.S. No matter, the state is out to get these guys and anyone they can pull down with them. Why don't the news reporters ask the victims what they were doing with $50 G in cash and $45 G in jewelry in the house. No one has
asked that yet. I'm sure that all us hard working people on this blog always have $50G lying around , don't you.

Anonymous said...

The reason that they had all that money was because they owned a legitimate business, a car wash if IRCC. Don't know where they got the money for that but thats another question for another day.

Lets stop worrying about where the VICTIMS got there money or what the judges track record is relative to bonds, but lets start worrying about how we can stop Officers in the future from becoming involved in things like this. It sounds like these young Officers are truly fucked. Lets put the focus of all this in prevention.

You say that they aren't a danger or a flight risk? One of them had already contacted a victim (prior to arrest) from what I understand in an attempt to get them to change their story. Maybe, just maybe, the high bond will get the attention of anybody else who is stupid enough to become involved inthings like this.

Bob said...

Jerry Finnigan's sister-in-law works for my family. It's a good family. She's extremely concerned for him, it's tearing the family up--emotionally and financially.

Illegal drugs are wicked. They poison the souls of people who use them and they corrupt the consciences of people who try to suspress them.


Anonymous said...

Keith Herrera was Officer John Hurley's partner and friend. Officer Hurley was killed in a motory cycle accident in 2005. Rumor has it that his wife who was pregnant at the time Officer Hurley was killed assets are frozen now. Does anyone know more about this? The Hurley family has been through enough.

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of these officer and it is time that criminals are removed from the CPD. To date the CPD, IAD, Mayor Daley and States Attorney have been placing roadblock in my way to get justice. Because of these and other officers I have lost my car, my home, sustained $30,000 in damages, vertibra damage to my neck and back and continually have anxiety attacks and suffer depression.