Sunday, September 03, 2006

Is The American Al-Qaeda Convert A CIA Or Mossad Operative?

Back when young Adam Gadahn was first spotted on the media radar I conducted an extensive background investigation on the lad. I found his assault case against a leader of the Muslim Mosque in Gardenia, CA. He lived both in L.A. and his father's goat farm in rural Orange County. After September 11, 2001, Gadahn quickly gathered his Muslim credentials and moved to Pakistan and is now with the leadership of that terror group.

The most unusual thing about this fellow was his Jewish heritage. He changed from his father’s name, Pearlman to Gadahn. Adam Pearlman is not an Arab name by any stretch. After investigating his family I became convinced he was a plant. I just don’t see Al-Qaeda folks being so tolerant as to knowingly allow a Jew into their midst.

Despite the FBI officially requesting information they curiously have not listed Gadahn/Pearlman as wanted even after his videotaped propaganda statements were broadcast around the world.

I can only think of one possible reason Al-Qaeda has been so ineffective. Our government knows just what they are doing these days. Bombing Al-Qaeda leadership locations may well kill or injure the best spy the West has right now.

When Adam Pearlman Gadhan returns to the United States he’s going to have one Hell of a book to write.

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