Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gina Gallo Chicago Cop Author

Gina Gallo worked the really tough assignments in Chicago for 16 years but due to serious injuries in the line of duty she was forced into an early retirement. With a Master’s Degree Gallo was better educated than most cops and was by no means a wilting violet. Gallo could kick ass and take names with the best of them but what would you expect from a second-generation cop? During her police career Gallo, a single mom raised two fine boys who have since grown up and made their mom proud though their military service.

Incidentally, Gallo is a six-foot tall Amazon warrior and adrenalin junkie who has graduated to the ranks of accomplished writers. Gallo’s books hit the street a while back and are available through her website, but now at least one her books is in development for a film. I strongly suspect that great things will be flowing from Gallo’s red-hot computer for many years to come. Gallo has opened those Hollywood doors with a sledgehammer just like if they were at the entrance of some Chicago crack house.

Look for Gallo’s personal appearance on The News Hour with Jim Leher on PBS in the evening September 11, 2006. The show will be exploring the impact of the 9/11 attack on America five years later.

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Anonymous said...

So much for what ppl say about how females are less of a leader and bread winner...i'm not a female btw..
Great blog =p

Anonymous said...

G is an inspiration.

She has been through the good, bad and... the very ugly. For someone who came very close to ending up on the memorial wall, she is quite the fighter just like her old man, who was also CPD.

I can only wish her the very best and we're always here to support her.

She's someone who can kick ass and take names, holding her own.