Saturday, September 09, 2006

Another Gun Collector victimized by Chicago Police

Hitler’s Gestapo is alive and well as they raided a Chicago man’s Northwest side home because he collects firearms in America where the Constitution gives all people the right to keep and bear arms.

Yes, another White man with ho history of crime or violence was arrested and his gun collection taken away. Chicago fireman Ted Kozak is a collector of guns and other war relics. By law he’s required to live in Chicago where guns are banned or lose his job, pension and livelihood.

As usual cops claim he had machineguns (they are nearly always tested later and found not to be machineguns). A pinhead BATFE spokesman told the Chicago Sun Times that one of them was “a Sten machine-gun (sic), which had been issued to German troops”. Sten machineguns were made and issued by the UK, not the Germans. There are plenty of semi-automatic replicas of the Sten available made for collectors like Kozak. .

The claim that he had a Thompson machinegun is going to fizzle since there are loads of Thompson look alike semi-automatic carbines around for collectors too.

Of course because he had among the relics Nazi artifacts the effort to demonize the fireman as a White racist are underway.

This is not the first time they raided Kozak, they did it before in 1992. When that case fizzled they gave him back his guns.

It’s time to leave people alone who possess firearms and are not felons, insane or otherwise involved in crime. It’s time for the United States Supreme Court to rule on gun bans like Chicago’s. Do we have the right spelled out by the Constitution or not? It’s time to leave people like Ted Kozak alone.

Here is the Chicago Sun Times article


Anonymous said...

This sounds like what the Area 2 Gun Team creeps did to that rich, Cook County Adult Probation officer who lived in Marina City in 1989. It took him eight years to get his 700 guns returned.

ANGRY PIG said...

This is typical of the bullshit units CPD comes up with.We all know its easier to take guns from law abiding citizens than gangbangers.CPD knows this too.They go after the easy one not the gangbangers.Believe me Kozak is a good guy not some hater they portrayed him.The Hitler poster is an old pro gun one that says All in favor of gun control raise your right hand. GET IT>

Anonymous said...

FYI, there was no Area Two Gun Team in 1989, that was another unit. Premise may be right, facts are not.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

In 1989 it was Gang Crimes South under Cmdr Dart. They are the ones that began the war on Chicago’s middle-aged gun collectors. Their same methods were adopted by the Area 2 Gun Team.

Anonymous said...

I have known Ted for 12+ years. I am a 100% hispanic American. He would give me the shirt off his back. He's NOT a racist. He has run down and captured a would be assailant that asaulted and tried to steal from a middle eastern woman standing in a bus stop with her child at her side. Again NOT a racist. This person/scumbag asailant was tried and convited to35 yrs. Thanks to Mr. Ted Kozak. The streets of Chicago are safer.I witnessed this first hand. Ted's only crime was his love for the meaning of being an American. This harassment of Ted Kozak is nothing more then the City of Chicago's agenda. Keep swinging Ted..