Saturday, September 09, 2006

Video Of A Post Mortem Examination Of A Young Woman

To determine the exact cause and manner of a person’s death requires a complete internal examination. This video shows how this is done. This young woman died a premature death that authorities suspect is the result of an accidental drug overdose.

Most people have only heard about these medical examinations that happen after death. Usually specialists called forensic pathologists perform them. Part of this kind of an examination involves a multitude of toxicology tests to find drugs and poisons. Each organ is examined, weighed, and sectioned with a portion of tissues being saved.

Unless an attending physician has been treating someone for a life threatening aliment for a while and can determine the cause of death as being from that malady an autopsy must be performed.

During autopsies the pathologists are very talkative often speaking into a recorder microphone while doing the examination. Unfortunately there is no audio so we don’t Aknow what is being found that contributed to or caused this woman’s death.

The most noticeable abnormalities I could see were that the woman had breast implants and one of her kidneys was smaller and diseased.

I caution that viewer discretion is recommended and that this is very real.

Most of the missing audio can be heard here.

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