Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope was correct about Islam!

I don’t give a rat’s ass if anyone was offended by Pope Benedict’s remarks suggesting, that early Islam was spread by violence. I’m no expert on Islam but we’ve all seen way too many severed heads of the innocent non-believers. History has proven the pope to be correct.

When I travel to India I always visit the Golden Temple, which is the seat of the Sikh faith in Amritsar along the Pakistan border. There is a museum there where cameras are forbidden. In the museum are photographs and paintings that go back some six hundred years that document Muslim massacres of Sikhs. One photo shows the turbaned heads of Sikh men displayed in bookcases. A huge painting shows the cowardly Muslim warriors raiding a large Sikh village while the men were away. The Muslim bastards murdered the Sikh women’s babies, cut them into small pieces strung the pieces into garlands and forced the women to wear them around their necks. That of course came in conjunction with mass rape.

In early raids on the Golden Temple Muslims took great delight in filling the huge water tank around the temple with the blood of non-believing Sikhs. The Muslims had an inability to co-exist with the Hindus, Sikhs and Catholics in India. When Gandhi’s followers won Independence from the British Empire, there were two countries born instead of one. Pakistan refused to be part of India. Together the Muslims and the rest of the population of India could have become the world's strongest economic power but for non-stop Muslim violence.

If the Muslims want credibility they will have to begin to behave themselves. Since Islam was founded in the 7th century, by the prophet Muhammad, Muslims have redundently proven that they have been incapable of doing. The so-called peaceful or moderate Muslims failed and refused to help in controlling the carnage and are just as culpable as the radical element.

Just how will the peace loving Muslims prove their religion is one of love and understanding when told of the Pope's remarks? By burning Catholic churches of course. How many heads of priests or nuns are the goofy Muslims going to put on display over this?

We have to find a final solution to the dangerous and deadly Muslim problem in our world while we still can. We only have two choices, convert to Islam or kill all the Muslims.

This is not written to start anti-Muslim hate but for simple non-Muslim survival.

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Anonymous said...

As usual Paul you're on the money here. Darwin would say do something or die.