Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Official Crimefile Review Of The Guardian

I was given a heads up on this film nearly a year ago by long time Chicago television, crime reporter, Bulldog John Drummond. Drummond has a part playing himself in my film project Come Friday.

Drummond was lobbying me to contact Filmmaker/Director and Chicago boy, Andrew Davis for consideration to take charge of this true story of Chicago policewoman Ann Leybourne. What a gift it would be to have Davis direct my project. Davis of course gave us that great, made in Chicago film, The Fugitive. The film based on the hit TV series of the same name from the early 1960s. Indecently, the Bulldog played a TV crime reporter in The Fugitive too.

When I first saw The Guardian cast lineup, I was less than impressed but for the gorgeous and talented Sela Ward. Ward also played the cameo role of the too quickly murdered Helen Kimball in The Fugitive. It was Ward and Davis’ prior work that drew me to his latest film.

I’ve never been a Kevin Costner fan except for his role in the spy thriller, No Way Out. As for Aston Kutcher, I never took him serious for anything more than a passing heartthrob for pre-teen girls. Watching these two actors in their roles as Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers, under Andy Davis, I learned they are both terrific actors. Sela Ward was better than ever (Okay, I confess to having a crush on Ward!).

I had another problem with the film’s concept that takes us through military training in the United States Coast Guard. Being a Viet Nam era Army veteran I view basic and advanced military training as a form of slow torture that should be outlawed by the Geneva Convention. With all due respect to my friend and Marine Corps icon, R. Lee Ermey, I will save all those “Uhh Ras!” for my bowel movements. The excellent story telling actually made the military training exciting.Yes, that's Gunney making me do 20...

As for the Coast Guard water rescues, our boys and girls put their lives on the line saving others hundreds of times per year. This film showcases the Coast Guard’s capabilities that helicopter inventor and dare devil test pilot, Igor Sikorski could not have envisioned.

I say go see this film, the fine acting will surprise you for sure. The entire cast proved that a really great director knows how the get the best out of his actors.

The official site and trailer is here.

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Anonymous said...

Based on your advice Paul I went and saw the film last night. You were on the money with your review! Thanks!