Friday, September 22, 2006

Quick! Stop The World For More TSA Panic

This time it’s the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. Somebody forgot he had a small Beretta .25 in his carryon case this morning. When he remembered it was time to quickly leave to avoid being jailed for pure and simple forgetfulness.

The TSA Nazis captured the gun and the bag so whatever threat they thought they had was over. Flights were unnecessarily delayed for 90 minutes anyway as they evacuated two concourses and frisked every passenger again.

Where does the TSA find the morons that make these stupid decisions? The TSA dopes won’t rest until all the airlines are bankrupt.

I suspect the gun's owner is on video tape and they even have his name and address from his bag. With any luck even so they still may not be able to gather enough probable cause to arrest anyone. Our desperado needs to remain silent and only ask for a lawyer if they come looking for him.

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