Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Accused Chicago Cops Released On Bail

Bail is most important for innocent people accused of crimes. It’s not the issue of freedom so much as the pressure for other prisoners to win their own freedom by claiming you confessed to unsolved crimes. This and a whole host of things that can and do interfere with fair trials happen to people forced to stay in custody.

The four accused officers were ordered held on outrageously high bail not heard of outside First Degree Murder cases where the death penalty cannot be imposed. Of course the prosecutors are very unhappy but bail is no small part of the Bill of Rights. Yes cops have rights too.

The four officers were arrested on September 7 and still face multiple charges including armed violence, home invasion, aggravated kidnapping and delivery of a controlled substance.

Now let the justice system grind through this mess and hopefully the right things will happen. The officers can receive as much as 30 years behind bars if convicted. I hope these cases are only hot air and that the officers are actually innocent. Somehow I think the states witnesses are going to turn out to be a bunch of liars. Stay tuned.

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