Friday, September 01, 2006

Is Warren Jeffs Becoming A Martyr?

I’m no fan of polygamist churches but accept their right to exist under our First Amendment. I think they are far less troubling than too many Islamic religious sects that exist within the USA.

Warren Jeffs was put on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list because he, as a religious leader arranged marriages where teenaged girls were wedded to older men. Many folks view these marriages as cases of child molestation.

This age issue is a pure cultural thing. One could rightly suggest that God and nature decides when sex begins with the simple development of our bodies and organs rather than age. Some of our states have really young ages of consent or marriage reflecting that local culture. As I say this, I would not want my own teenaged daughter (if I had one) anywhere near some man.

I noticed one thing about Warren Jeff’s detractors. The most vocal ones are members of the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). Jeffs and his church left the conventional Mormon Church because of religious differences involving polygamy.

The LDS church rejected polygamy long ago even though they promoted that lifestyle in the beginning of their teachings. The LDS Mormons seem to have a special contempt for Jeffs as a genuine threat to the conventional Mormon Church. I can’t help but believe that this whole Warren Jeffs mess is born out of religious persecution.

One thing for sure, this case and the battles in or out of court are far from over. The vast majority of these girls are devoted followers of Jeffs’ polygamist group, and they embrace their marriages and religious choice for their entire lives.

I don’t belong to or believe in Jeffs’ church, but except their right to exist and worship any way they please. I can’t help but ask, what is going on here? Is this a righteous law enforcement investigation and prosecution or a witch-hunt?

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John Mosby said...

You have to ask how much Muslim polygamy and underage marriage is being allowed under the radar in the US. Also, how many underage marriages are being contracted among illegal Latino immigrants?

And the one group being targeted is a bunch of Anglos with jobs?