Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nancy Grace Is Missing

I hope to see that headline soon. Of course I mean just from television. This pretend journalist former prosecutor again proved her worthlessness by badgering a mother of a missing toddler on national television. The woman, Melinda Duckett promptly killed herself after Grace’s outrageous grilling.

It’s one thing for a cop or prosecutor on the inside of an investigation to conduct a confrontational interview in a private interrogation room. It’s another for a media outsider to try this on national television as a form of infotainment to boost sagging ratings.

The cops and prosecutors at least have all of the information connected to the investigation. Nancy Grace was not privy to that kind of information. Grace’s actions were nothing short of meddling in an ongoing police investigation that apparently drove a distraught woman to suicide.

Grace wants us to believe she was just “helping” this mystery to a solution. We have to remember Grace is not a cop or prosecutor but merely someone who broadcasts information and entertainment.

Nancy Grace was emotionally unfit to be a prosecutor and does not belong in news or news related broadcasting.

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