Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Fourth Amendment Is Alive At The West Los Angeles VA Hospital.

Nearly four years ago I visited the VA Hospital in the Westwood area of Los Angeles. I was both shocked and offended to see an airport style gauntlet of X-Ray machines and metal detectors manned by VA police officers. It was beyond sad to me to watch the heroes and defenders of our freedom searched like criminals while seeking their health care needs.

I should have complained loudly but I was silent about this travesty. I can’t imagine what ignoramus bureaucrat could have possibly ordered this un-American insult. I figured it had to be some non-veteran political hack who thought he was doing something wonderful.

Let me say that there are a small percentage of veterans who find themselves hospitalized there for metal health and drug abuse reasons. I guess you could argue that something bad could happen. This, while I have not seen one other hospital in the United States frisking patients and visitors. The excuse for this ongoing outrage and civil rights violation was non-existent.

The vary nature of this VA Hospital’s clientele would be for them to immediately jump up and protect their care givers and fellow veterans in the event of a threat or breach of the peace from any source.

Recent times have brought the return of dignity and privacy to our heroes using this institution and its facilities. The frisking gauntlet is gone. The watchful VA police are still there as they should be to protect our veterans and their fine caregivers.

I stayed silent when I first observed the offensive frisking program. I won’t be silent in my rejoicing to see that blight on freedom removed. To the administrators that ended the insult I offer my sincerest thank you.

Can something go wrong? Sure but that’s the risk we Americans are willing to take in order to live in a free society.

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