Monday, September 11, 2006

Our Politically Correct War On Terrorism

Talk about a paradox! Instead of going after the enemy we make war on America’s own airline passengers.

Instead of relentlessly bombing the countries responsible for or supporting the carnage of 9/11, we sacrifice our troops by invading the countries to sort out the good guys from the bad. Talk about an impossible and utterly ridiculous military mission!

We can use one real and unforgettable show of force to cause these Muslims to behave or simply eliminate these populations that spawn the cancer. We have the tools to do the job and should use them instead of watching our children coming home in rubber bags and wheelchairs.

George Bush and our politicians tell us we are at war. I say then let’s fight a real war and send our troops home.

As for our anti-terrorism programs at home they must begin and end strictly through the proven use of profiling for those most likely to do us harm.

Political correctness has no place in any war on terror. Instead of wasting time watching our potential terror targets, we need to put Muslims living here under surveillance. Every American should be vigilant of the activities of all Muslims in their communities. Watching Muslims would be far more effective.

Perhaps George Bush could use the same battle plans on the Muslims as the Clinton Administration used on the American men, women and children they killed in Waco, Texas. I guess killing Americans that violate gun bans is more palatable for our leaders than killing Muslims out to destroy America.

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Anonymous said...

Well said!!!!!! One of my friends over there had part of his intestine removed and almost died!!

Why are we messing around when we should do things the Marine way and start blazing hell? Let's level the joint and screw the political correctness and monitor these people. "Students, gangs, business owners, etc."

Semper Fi