Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our Drug War Is Nothing More Than Foreign Aid And An American Jobs Program

We all know we can’t keep recreational drugs out of our country any better then we keep them out of our jails and prisons. Aggressive drug enforcement only drives the prices and profits even higher. The economies of many third world countries depend on drug trade because their people can’t or won’t learn new ways of trade and commerce.

We could instantly punish everyone involved in the drug trade simply by legalization of the poisons that can be just as deadly as the liquids we store under or kitchen sinks. Legalization would instantly reduce the cost of these intoxicants to the price of tea and sugar. The addicts will continue to put this garbage into their bodies and new addicts are born every day. This behavior can’t be stopped or even slowed down.

Is the real reason for the Drug War a hidden form of Foreign Aid? We’ve made a huge industry on both sides of the Drug War that would leave millions of America’s residents unemployed or underemployed by legalization. The benefit of the Drug War is pure profit to all but the taxpayers.

The American Drug War is nothing more than a huge fraud victimizing the very ignorant American public.

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