Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Phil Spector Needs Time To Obtain A New Lawyer.

At least that’s what I predict. It’s very difficult to find a qualified lawyer to take over a murder trial that may take as long as seven months from the point of picking a jury. The better the lawyer, the busier he or she will be. Finding someone qualified with the time to prepare and try the case will be difficult at best. Judge Fidler is Hell-bent on taking advantage of Spector’s difficult position forcing him to trial even before he’s found new counsel.

The chances of one or more new lawyers filing a Notice Of Appearance in court Wednesday morning are zero. It’s only reasonable to assume the current legal team has made commitments to their other clients expecting the Spector case would have been over by now. Will Judge Fidler destroy Phil Spector’s right to legal counsel under the Sixth Amendment of our Constitution?

CA vs Spector is no case for an amateur criminal defense lawyer. This is a complex case that will make huge intellectual demands requiring the lawyer to be part scientist. Criminal law becomes more difficult for lawyers to practice every year with so many new ways to examine and evaluate physical evidence. Even the lawyers that want to take this case can't dump their other clients to handle this trial with out getting serious bar association complaints.

The prosecutors can whine about delays all they want but let’s remember it took a year before they could find a Grand Jury that would even indict Phil Spector for murder. You can’t blame Spector for that.

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