Friday, September 02, 2011

There’s A New Kind of Television News. RIGHT THIS MINUTE Begins September 12

Phoenix, AZ—Television news has not changed much since it was pioneered by Edward R. Murrow in the 1950’s. It’s done now in color and with more video but little else has evolved. Today we are well into the information age however, things are finally changing as evidenced by at least one new show called, RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

The best brains I know in TV news have quietly put together their team that will explode RTM on the screens in more than 40 Cox, Scripps and Raycom stations from coast to coast.

This will be an exciting mix of social media, citizen journalists with only a dash of traditional reporting. They will bring you the latest news with stunning video from around the world in a daily one hour show.

News, entertainment happenings and those important events that change our lives will not escape RTM’s coverage. This show will change the way news is delivered.

I have had the pleasure to work with some of the incredibly talented people that are behind the curtain creating this groundbreaking project and I’m personally very excited for them. Magic Dust Television of Phoenix is out in front on this one.


Anonymous said...

A bunch of young, pretty, lively mediagenic enthusiastic pretty heads will dazzle us with fast breaking stories about fires, crashes, disasters, explosions.

If you thought the nightly news in Chicago was all about about looking good and being fun to watch, that is all this will be but delivered in an even faster, more superficial way.

I can hardly weight to miss it.

Is "Topless News" still on?

Anonymous said...

Check out this news cast!!!