Monday, December 06, 2010

FOP Board Meeting: Stripping Disabled Cops of their Protection

Chicago, IL—Tuesday, December 7 at noon inside Plumber’s Hall located at 1412 W. Washington, St. Lodge 7 of the FOP will meet with the membership.

Up for consideration and suggestion at is the return of the right to keep and bear arms of disabled cops throughout the state of Illinois.

We can only guess how this happened. Perhaps it was a police boss that thought by disarming injured cops he’d cure potential malingering and get them back to work quicker.

The Illinois UUW statute is in serious conflict with the Second Amendment since both the Heller and McDonald decisions of the Supreme Court. The days of prosecutions of law-abiding people carrying guns on the streets for self-defense are numbered as various challenges wind their way through the court system.

In the meantime cops who are ambulatory, walking around the city where they worked and were forced to live, are running into violent criminals they’ve arrested in the past. Any one of these criminals could believe that some disabled cop he spots in some mall knows about an existing arrest warrant. The danger to the disabled cop and members of his family are unnecessarily put at risk by an uncaring bureaucracy.

Currently there is pending legislation to cure this wrong and the FOP needs to hear from its membership. Incredibly as it seems Lodge 7 has no plans to support this bill unless the membership demands it.

Every officer is only a gunshot, traffic accident or a slip and fall away from being stripped of their protection like officers suspected of crimes and serious misconduct. This is wrong and you have the ability to demand a reasonable correction to an unreasonable situation. Be heard!

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