Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The State Of The Union And Presidency Is In A Shambles

Washington, DC—So far the Obama Administration chose the road of despotism over democracy. The massive destruction of our currency and economy was intentional so Obama could rebuild in a Socialist model. Free speech by Internet bloggers, and the likes of Glen Beck has rung an alarm that has obstructed Obama’s Socialist revolutionary goals.

The problem for Obama now is that too many Americans are refusing to surrender the form of government our founding fathers sacrificed so much to give us. The Socialist flags and the wake of holocausts that always follow, threaten peace and prosperity. Obama’s Hope and Change is no different than that offered by Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Castro.

Obama has to deal with Armed Americans and elections he can’t control. The consequences of Obama’s continued efforts to destroy our representative republic may destroy well Obama first.

Obama’s State of The Union Address will be interesting. Will this President be a lame duck for the remainder of his term or will he change direction? Thankfully Obama and his czars seemed to have set the Left Wing back 70 years. Only a successful Leftist Coup d'état can save Obama’s agenda now


mike said...

I often agree w/your writings, but occasionally you lose me when you make such outlandish claims such as Obama is the same as Hitler or Mao.

Get real. You write well and are capable of making good points.

There's no need to engage in such hyperbole; it actually makes me question your other positions (that I I do agree with ...)

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

Obama is a Socialist for sure and so were Hitler and Mao. Socialists by their custom and habits crush opposition through holocausts.

Castro was fawned over by the American media as a progressive man as many foolish Americans suggested Cuba would be the 49th state. Castro like every

Socialists become violent when they think they have support of the majority.

Hitler has a 30% approval rating in Germany until the Reichstag was set on fire. That created crisis gave Hitler overnight support and absolute power.

Socialists are all the same. Obama is a Socialist.

mike said...

Thanks for your response.

I would tend to call H/M/C repressive, brutal, totalitarian dictators, as I'm sure what those words mean.

I think that many people have different definitions for socialist, and that there's no common agreement on what it means.

Leaving that aside, what I don't see is evidence for the claim that Obama is one of "those."

I don't agree w/him on many things, but I haven't agreed completely w/a president my entire life, so that's nothing new.

Point is, I'm not an Obama apologist, do take issue w/his stance on many issues, but do not see that he's behaving (or intends to behave) as badly as H/M/C.

Remember the last prez? Folks on the left thought those big new prisons were built just to take them in when it all came down. Now, I hear the same concerns from folks on the right; do you know what I'm saying?

Anyway, I do like to discuss politics, thanks for the opportunity.