Thursday, January 28, 2010

American High Speed Rail And The TSA

Washington, DC—Barack Obama wants to spend billions on high speed railroad for passenger movement in the USA. High speed rail works everywhere well. There is a unique departure from the rest of the world in the USA. Under present conditions this type of rail system will fail here.

We in the USA have allowed the TSA to do their little Nazi thing to American rail passengers. Searching airline passengers like criminals has cost the airlines as Americans have avoided flying and the indignity of submitting to police state frisking. Bankruptcies have plagued or airlines ever since.

I for one will not travel by any transportation where I must submit to searching unless I have no other choice.

We don’t need the TSA on our trains and should remove them at once. If the TSA is included in the rail the system will never realize its potential and taxpayers will suffer as usual.

Of Course even in today’s Germany you can board a fast, comfortable and enjoyable ride without being treated by a criminal.

In November I took a marvelous train ride from Berlin to Karlsruhe Germany. I was treated with dignity and class and can’t wait to take my next trip this way. I don’t want to live in a police state.

Here are some highlights to my fabulous train ride. My friends Andrea and Reinhardt brought me to the train where we said goodbye. There was no frisking or indignity on this grand trip.


Anonymous said...

110mph is high speed?I think the French,German,Japanese trains are a little faster.

Anonymous said...

The TSA are a hateful bunch making war on American travelers instead of terrorists.

They thought blue police uniforms would get them respect. They'd fit into prison jumpsuits much better. TSA is simple trash.