Friday, January 08, 2010

Illinois To Imprison Firefighter For Unconstitutional And Victimless Crime

Chicago, IL—Yesterday a Cook County jury found career fireman Ted Kozak guilty of possession of two fully automatic firearms.

The guns were two prized and valuable World War Two relics. They were not involved in threats or violence but kept locked in a safe.

The guns are banned by state law. Federal law only requires registration. Because of conflicting Illinois laws the federal government refuses to allow that states residents to register such guns.

The Second Amendment allows for the keeping and bearing of arms. The Supreme Court so far has said in the 70 year-old Miller case that the arms in possession of civilians must be suitable for military use to gain protection. The Kozak guns are military weapons.

Judge Domicia Ann Stephenson revoked Kozak’s bail and ordered him incarcerated in the Cook County Jail pending sentencing. She also denied a defense motion that he be allowed to remain free on bail pending resolution of unsettled firearm matters before the current US Supreme Court.

Kozak, 58 has no previous criminal record and appeared for every court appearance since his arrest four years ago. Kozak now faces a minimum of three years in prison. The Cook County Adult Probation Department was ordered to conduct a pre-sentence investigation. Kozack will learn his fate in about a month.
Letters can be written on Kozak’s behalf and sent to the judge:
The Honorable Domicia Ann Stephenson
2600 S. California Ave
Chicago, IL

Are taxpayers somehow safer and better off now?


Ed Skinner said...

I hope his attorney's talking to the NRA.

Anonymous said...

The FIX was in per 42 short!

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that this travesty happened in this corrupt county and state? A peaceful, honorable man locked up with hardened criminals is not my idea of justice. Shame on the jury. I also hope that this puts that idiot State's Attorney and gun rights hater Anita Alvarez in a bad light so that when she comes up for reelection the people will throw her out of office. Maybe Governor Quinn can use his secret program of releasing prisoners early, and apply that policy to this case and let him out by the weekend. Oh wait, that only seems to apply to violent hardened criminals.

Anonymous said...

Man imprisoned for exercising his constitutional rights,WTF???

Anonymous said...

Illinois is a police state.When it comes to the issue of firearms,the police are not your friends.

Trust no one.

Anonymous said...

I hope for the sake of justice he doesn't lose his pension....especially after they gave that arsonist lieutenant POS his pension.

Anonymous said...

Ted we will get you out of there sooner than later. I'm pulling for you they have done you wrong and things will be right in time. I'm pulling for you stay strong and keep your spirits high.

Anonymous said...

What a travesty of justice. Chicago has corrupt and felon alderman carrying guns and this guy was a scapegoat for having an antique collection. ITS TIME TO GET RID OF ALL THESE UP DALEY'S ASS POLITICIANS AND DALEY. Next thing we will hear is someone was charged with a felony for having a precious moments collection.

Anonymous said...

To everyone who was involved in this mans prosecution and wrongful conviction,you are enemies of freedom and liberty.

Anonymous said...

Say your prayers Ted, the Lord will provide for you in your time of need. The injustices coming out of the Chicago Corruption Machine just keep coming.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Please don't send letters directly to this judge. This is generally considered bad form, and can annoy a judge. That won't be good for Ted. Friends and family are being directed to forward any letters to the judge to Ted's attorney who can pass them on. This judge will be the one sentencing him and that won't happen until 2/10/2010, so please, no hate letters either as sentencing has not yet happened, and the judge will be the one deciding how many years he will get!

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from Cook County. All of the judges in this system are democrats. The governor will free violent criminals and incarcerate citizens for minor offenses. We are truly screwed in this state.

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace here is a man who has dedicated his life to helping others and risking his own life in doing so and this is how he is repaid? He is stuck in a prison with gang bangers and murderers. What the fuck is going on in our state? How on earth could this piece of shit judge revoke this mans bail. He is no threat to anyone nor is he a flight risk. I was under the impression that is exactly why a judge would revoke bail. I tell you I feel for this guy. My friend tells me about how he arrest gang members with guns on Friday and how they are back out on the street by Monday but the Fireman we have to lock up? I really don't know about the state of this country anymore. We are spiraling down the drain quickly and unless people wake up and stop putting these idiots in office we are doomed.

Anonymous said...

Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The way I see it is that Illinois infringes on this right.AT BEST this is only a business offense for not registering(im not in favor of)and no $200 SOT tax paid.

So in essence he should have received a short form(ticket) and registered the guns and paid the $200,badda bing a compliance appearence and your done.

The State of Illinois is the villain here(Daley).

Hanna1023 said...

I have known Ted Kozak for 32 years and all I can say he is the most helpful and considerate person I have met in my life and I am not a spring chicken, lived almost half of my life in Europe and the rest in Illinois and I believe Illinois is the most corruptive State in the nation.

Somehow I hope the judge and all the jurors will get their karma.

Ted always collected guns, which he locked in a safe, never took outside of his home and never ever threatend anybody. The same goes for his nazi memorabilia. In no way was he a racist.

Anonymous said...

You can write to him at

Ted Kozak M11913
2600 N. Brinton Av.
Dixon,Il 61021

Anonymous said...

Ted has been transferred to East Moline,You can write to him at

Ted Kozak # M11913
100 Hillcrest Road
East Moline, IL 61244