Monday, January 04, 2010

Chicago Fireman On Trial For His Life--Updated

Chicago, ILTed Kozak, 58 is a professional hero. He has saved many lives and many millions of dollars of property during his career. Kozak has never been a threat to anyone and has avoided a criminal record. That all changed in September of 2006 when police raided his home.

Kozak believes that the words of our Constitution have real meaning. Keeping and bearing of arms suitable for military service is not some special privilege for the elite but the right of the people.

Kozak’s close friend, a retired Chicago cop collected guns instead of stamps, cars or toy trains. The retired lawman had a collection worth thousands and prized pieces such as his “Chicago Typewriter” prominently displayed in Michael Mann’s movie, Public Enemies.
Needing cancer surgery the ailing fellow asked Kozak to securely store his collection while he was being treated. The collection was safe until Chicago police found and seized the firearms.

That Thompson submachine gun is a showpiece and it’s over 70 years old. It’s impressive to look at but it’s not for use in violent crime but to be kept under museum conditions. So were the other collectable firearms, found in his possession.

Now Kozak is on trial for engaging in constitutionally protected activity in gun rights hating Chicago. Chicago’s officials want to put Kozak in prison for many years. Is this because he was evil? No, but because he has not bowed to the all powerful Oz and chose to enjoy his American rights.

This is a rare gun case since it only involved simple possession. The usual drug or violence related charges, in so many other gun cases does not exist.

A jury will be selected tomorrow, January 5th at 2600 S. California Avenue room 706, Chicago Illinois. This case will be tried by Daley appointee, Judge Jorge Allonzo.

The jury won’t be told about their absolute power to acquit if they simply feel like it. One juror can simply vote Not Guilty and they will be unable to imprison Kozak.

Chicago area gun owners should dress well and come on down to court beginning Wednesday and attend Kozak’s trial. Be sure to sit on his side of the courtroom and remain well-behaved. Kozak needs all the support he can get.

Update! 6 Jan
Ted Kozak’s prosecution and defense rested today. At 8:30 AM tomorrow closing arguments will begin and then the jury will be instructed by Judge Domenica Ann Stephenson. I suspect after the lunch break deliberations will begin. There well may be a verdict by the end of the day. Be there in room 215.


Anonymous said...

I have known Ted for 30 yrs. He is the kind of guy that would give the shirt off his back to someone in need. I have witnessed him chase down a mugger and subdue him until police arrived. He has assisted in capturing a rapist who raped a 15 year old girl. He also helped capture a burgler in the firehouse. All while on duty. I could go on and on about this true American risking his life. I only wish more were like Mr.Kozak, This country needs men like this. But how does this city repay him for helping to keep it safe..By trying to throw him in jail..It makes me sick to my stomach. Shame shame shame..

Anonymous said...

Damn, I got a jury summons for 26th and California in 2008. I wasn't selected and was glad of that, but I would volunteer to be on the jury for this trial.


And to Mayor Daley and States Attorney Anita Alvarez, go pound sand! You both swore to uphold the US Constitution, whether you believe in it or not. Asshats!

Anonymous said...

I've known Ted for the past few years and there is nothing this man wouldnt bend over backwards and do for you. I could call the man in the middle of the night and he'd be there with whatever I needed. He's not a criminal!!!!! I'll stand by your side Ted!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love King Daley, the DemocRat, ruining an innocent man's life because he exercised his constitutional right, "to keep and bear arms".

This is a travesty of justice, I hope this FF walks.

Another abuse of the criminal justice system to impose the draconian totalitarian disarming of the people.

Does the ISRA and the NRA know about this miscarriage of justice?

Today it will be him, tomorrow you!

Anonymous said...

I do not know how people that do this to a man like that can sleep at night..the guilt has to be unbearable. To do good all your life, then be put in jail for yrs..It's horrible to think of.

Anonymous said...

I hope Ted gets off. He doesn't deserve the treatment they are giving him. They caused a lot of heartaches in his families lives. I hope they end up giving him an apology and eating their crow.
Bina Lavery

Anonymous said...

I've knowm Ted since a mutual friend passed away in 2006.
He is kind, patient, funny, loves his family and friends. He has taken care of his ailing mother for many years.He cares about people, all people..
I think it would be an injustice to send him to jail and a loss to Chicago.He has served and protected Chgo. area residents for decades.
He loves collections, whether it be guns or old radios. He is a proud man, a good man and wouldn't hurt a flea.
I believe we should be able to keep our constitutional rights to bare firearms.
Putting Ted in jail is a waste of the taxpayers money and an insult to every American and our Constitution.
Instead of this travesty, why not use that money on really solving the crime in Chicago. Every week we hear of another child's death from violence.Instead of using Ted as an example, why not get the really bad guys that deserve to go to jail, and allow Ted to go on saving lives; something he's good at.
Ted has way too much to offer society!
I wish you the best& hope the law is on your side Ted.Hopefully the right verdict will prevail.. I will pray that happens..
A friend forever

Anonymous said...

God bless you Ted and I hope you beat those bastards!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, Ted.

Phil Dominguez said...

has the NRA got involved in this, is there a foundation like Calguns here in calif. in chicago. they really stepped up and assisted me when I went through my LAPD/LAX thing...Ted, I really feel for you and know first hand what you are going through and what is to come. hopefully you will have the same outcome as myself. And better luck to you in getting your property back than I have had. it should be over for me shortly now that my lawyer Micheal & Assoc. went and got a court order to get my property back.


Anonymous said...

I have known Ted for over 30 years. I. Those 30 years I have seen Ted help not hundreds of people of every raceand that's not including all the people he has saved in the 30 years he's been a fireman. I'm grayful to have Ted in my life. He taught Me a lot about things most women depend on men to do for them. I wish there were a million Teds in the world. It would be a better place to live. He has been taking care of his mom for 30 years and now she needs him more than ever. It would be the greatest injustice ive ever seen in my entire life if they were to put him away. A lot of people would be effected by Ted not being around. I have never known anyone who was a true American until Ted we need more like him. If u had a chance to know him like I do u would love him to this man puts everyone before him. I'm am just sick to know this is a injustice. To him. Its ashame that he couldn't have character witnesses because that court hearing would go on forever with all the prole who know and love Ted. Well if there is true justice then Ted will be set free. I'm praying with everyone. I love u Ted.

M.B. said...

More important than anything else is who are the pussies that locked him up? I can't imagine that this came from a working district. This sounds like something a non-working district tact. team would do. What a shame. And shame on you !!

Anonymous said...

Ted , hang in there buddy ! You have more strength and support than you know ! Things will be in your favor when it's all said and done !

Anonymous said...

From what I have read here I feel for TED. I hope he gets off with a not guilty finding. Hell, we have all read how a politicians and all kinds of celebrities are let off when they are found with guns or drugs.
I would like to know why the police even went to his house. I can't remember the police ever coming to my house. Good luck Ted

Anonymous said...

I hope he can beat this. I don't know the man and live in another state.

I've never liked Chicago and think it is one of the most corrupt cities in the nation.

Marc said...

I have directly contacted Wayne LaPierre's office about this impending travesty of justice. I am one of the top NRA Membership Recruiters in the world and I know that the NRA is a great organization. The biggest problem is that only 5% of American gun owners are members and 95% of American gun owners are lazy, do-nothing whiners.

I can only hope that my direct contact with the Executive Vice President of the NRA can help. That's all I can do for Ted.

Jim McMahon said...

That's good news Paul, thanks for the update.

Jim McMahon said...


The jury was picked today and the trial starts tomorrow, Wed. Jan. 6th at 10:00 AM in Room 215 of the NEW building. (26th & California) After you come through the metal detector, go to the left, second floor above the Cafeteria. It wouldn’t hurt to wear Fire or Police Department clothing if you can.

Anonymous said...

As a friend of Ted's, I have to say I had knots in my stomach all day& tomorrow will only be worse. I pray this new judge will see this for what it is& let this great guy go ' not guilty'!
For anyone that can go & support him & he has MANY friends, including fireman& policeman, please go & show your support , in uniform, if possible. He is a collector not a criminal. He is a true American , a true friend & has done his job of saving lives well.
He needs a break& has been through enough!

Anonymous said...

IIRC, wasn't this one of those area gun team arrests?

Anonymous said...

Had court today. I was glad to see so many of my relatives and friends show up. The prosecution had 3 witnesses, 2 Cops who lied under oath and a civilian woman who verified that I knew her Father. I was then asked to take the stand and did. I was told that I did well. Told the Assistant States Attorney in so many ways that the Cops LIED! Tomorrow morning we will do final arguments and the Jury will deliberate.

Teddy K

Anonymous said...

Ted,see you tomorrow and don't worry,41 years I've known you and I'll bring the truth with me.Rat's and roaches don't like the sun shining on them. signed,bvwolf

Anonymous said...


At the request of Ted Kozak, I'm notifying everyone of the outcome of his trial. Ted was found guilty on both counts by the jury.

The Judge revoked his bond, as required by law. Ted was taken to jail to await sentencing, which is set to take place on February 10, 2010. Ted looked in good spirits and was even joking around during lunchtime - which he was able to spend with myself and some of his other friends.

I wish Ted the best of luck and if there is any other information that he wants e-mailed to everyone, I will send it ASAP.

Nathan DeWitt

Anonymous said...

here in maine, many here have heard the story. The story is spreading. anxiously awaiting the outcome. Were rootin for you Ted.

Anonymous said...

Gunnutz up in Canada are in your corner too, Ted... hoping the NRA-ILA will intervene or help with an appeal?

Anonymous said...

To the Jury, jury nullification, stand up against the court. You are trying the case AS WELL AS THE LAW. You have more power than the Judge.

To the judge who convicts this hero, I wonder if the the fire department will really try to put your house fire out?


Anonymous said...

I worked with TEd the last couple of years and became friends. The man has a lot of heart. He takes care of his sick mother and worries about her well being day and night. He speaks highly and is very proud of his daughters. He is a hard worker, very smart, a lot of fun and interesting. Ted is a collector and enjoys old things like safes, flashlights, fire dept. parafanala, guns, etc. He was set up in this case and being treated unfairly. They put him in county in a cell with a 22 year old murderer. He is being held for a nonviolent crime. No visitation and no bond because they say is a flight risk. This all bullshit Ted is being made an example of. When they busted his house they said he had Nazi parafanla which everybody thinks automaticly makes him a racist. Teddy is not a racist and a lot of his friends are of different ethnic backgrounds. If anyone gets a chance you can send a letter to Ted's lawyer on his behalf for leanancy. Hang in there Ted we all support you.

Vigilante said...

We have heard about this in Texas,I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I would think the
position of the Judge could be in hot water come election year.
This is our government in action,
but go ahead your Christmas is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Look where Kozak’s Thompson was found this morning, in a drug house in Englewood (Chicago). Sure that might not be his, but just how many Thompson submachine guns do you think are in existence today ? And that one recovered by the Chicago Police this morning looks like it is in perfect condition, just like Kozak’s !