Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drew Peterson Hearing Is Theater Of The Bizarre

Joliet, Il—Retired Bolingbrook police sergeant, Drew Peterson is being subjected to the worst kind of judicial experimentation in any American court. This is now playing in a new theater that was once a Joliet courtroom. This sensational production is something right out of the spectacular Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

Peterson is charged with murder in connection with the suspicious death of his third wife. The cause of that woman’s death is far from settled since medical experts can’t agree on how she died.

Peterson’s fourth wife has been missing for more than a year and was involved in several extra-marital relationships. Is she dead? Was it Peterson or perhaps a married paramour of the fourth wife that is responsible?

The Illinois Legislature created an extra legal end run now called The Drew Peterson Law to deny the suspect any right to confront witnesses against his as guaranteed by our Constitution. A Joliet Illinois judge knows the political wind would shift against him for reelection if he does not go along with railroading the hapless Drew Peterson.

Prosecutors are putting on The Drew Peterson Hate Show utilizing everyone in the world that does not like Drew Peterson. The result is a firestorm of the worst kind of gossip that’s being blast over the major media megaphones to an ignorant public. The result will be the loss of any hope that Peterson can get a fair trial.

Is the arrogant Drew Peterson and his mugging for inquiring media photographers a good reason to destroy the Constitutional protections so many Americans have fought and died to protect? Never lose sight of the reality that you or someone you love may be the next to star in this kind of show.


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Anonymous said...

Drew Peterson is an arrogant, self centered thug.
The effort to charge and convict him is worse. I do not like the man but allowing hearsay evidence is about as unconstitutional as it gets. If the state has evidence he comitted the crime, it must still be open to question and cross examination. We are innocent until PROVEN guilty and I for one believe Peterson will brobably be found not guilty based on what I have heard and read in the media.
Paul in Texas

Anonymous said...

I don’t like Drew Peterson either, but thank God we’re in a country ruled by law and not popularity contests or I’d have been stood against a wall a long ago myself. What they are doing in that courtroom is unconstitutional and an affront to the principals that make America great. It needs to stop and the prosecutor jailed.

Anonymous said...

Personally I think he's a scumbag...and if it had been my daughter he was fooling around with (stacey) I would have kicked his ass!

But.....we are a nation of laws, not opinions, and the State's Attorney is trying to throw the constitution out the window on this one. It needs to be rung in and he should be released.