Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New TSA Intrusion Will Facilitate Government Airline Takeover

Washington, DC.-- White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel said it best when he advised, "Never waste a good crisis.”

That concept was used in 1933 with great success by the Nazi Party in Germany. The Reichstag was torched in Berlin at a time when the NAZI’s had less than a one-third approval rate.

That arson fire quickly resulted in sweeping new laws that gave the Nazis absolute power. Did the arsonist use that convenient tunnel from the Parliament residential building occupied by Nazi henchman Hermann Goering? That inside job theory is the popular belief today.

Barack Obama knows that the flying public dislikes the TSA and that millions of Americans refuse to fly to avoid getting frisked like criminals. They loathe the hard corps unemployable staffing the TSA utilizes to grope, steal from and otherwise abuse travelers.

With new and more intrusive screening airlines more people will stay home or find other ways to travel. That will destroy the airlines and give Obama the perfect vehicle to take over the industry. The un-American bailouts and health care hostile takeover set the pace for yet another major industry run by government.

The Christmas–eve Panty Bomber has given a gift to the Obama Administration.

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