Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why Victimize Drew Peterson’s Innocent Children?

I have wondered what it would be like for Drew Peterson’s Children to be caught in the middle of the investigation and search for Stacy Peterson. I think we can all agree that no child deserves punishment for what their parents are merely suspected of doing. With respect to Peterson’s children the government ‘s conduct must be reigned in somehow.

I personally take no position on the guilt or innocence of Drew Peterson for any crime. America’s presumption of innocence is something that I’m thankful about. It’s the hallmark of a free country along with free speech and the right to keep and bear arms.

If police can establish a crime and probable cause to make an arrest that is their mission that we all must respect. A suspect’s Due Process rights to a fair trial will follow. Proven guilt will be punished under our justice system.

During an interview with Peterson's lawyer, Joel Brodsky he expressed concerns about continuing police conduct and the emotional damage that's being inflicted on the children. Brodsky wrote his own appeal for for Peterson’s children and I have his permission to publish it.
Read this document on Scribd: broadsky letter


Anonymous said...

First of all I would like to point out that the ISP has never, to my knowledge, acknowledged using these two neighbors as officially sanctioned informants, so blaming ISP is a bit premature, in my opinion.
Secondly, Brodsky calls these two neighbors "despicable characters", yet the children of Peterson became very attached to them and the young daughter supposedly "loved" Paula Stark. It seems to me that if they were that bad, it is Peterson himself who should have limited their exposure to them. And how much psychological trauma must have been caused by Peterson's voracious thirst for media attention. Any time that guy sees a camera, he starts running his mouth.

Paul Huebl Crimefile News said...

The ISP so far has not verified the claims of Wawczak and Stark speaks volumes in and of itself. If they were not working for the ISP you can be assured the ISP would have disavowed their statements.

The ISP has to be suffering from buyer’s remorse and major embarrassment over their choice to employ this couple.

I’m sure heads at the ISP will roll over this and other decisions made by case investigators.

After yesterday’s very public criminal attack on Peterson by Wawcazk he has no value to the state as a witness against Peterson.

Blaming Peterson for allowing the spying couple into his home is wrong. Peterson has been turned into a major pariah by the ISP and media who’ve speculated on his guilt. I imagine friends are hard to come by and the ISP took advantage of that.

Give me evidence of Peterson’s involvement in any murders. Better yet give that to a Grand Jury. I don’t see that happening. The Grand Jury is there because an investigation is warranted. I don’t expect an Indictment of Peterson.

Anonymous said...

ISP are traffic sausages.

Anonymous said...

Is Drew that blind that he doesn't see that he is the one letting these people that he either does not know at all or has knowledge of their criminal/finacial issues into his children's lives?

He should be putting the kids' interests first and his manly needs second. He should also be taking them to counseling on regular basis because no matter what the reason is for Stacy's disappearance these kids are being impacted.

Anonymous said...

I don't know IL law well- but can ISP record and use agents on someone that is represented by an attorney? Usually when someone invokes- they are off limits for any contact by direct or indirect contact without the attorney being present. Any comments?