Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How Humiliating!

Chicago—I just got off the plane at O’Hare and the very first thing I see is J-Fed’s sour puss with this headline!

Okay, now I must defend poor J-Fed. We have to remember J-Fed’s never been a street cop and just does not know the job. That’s not J-Fed’s fault, but the clowns that hired him to be the city’s top cop.

Next J-Fed inherited both a horrible public policy and a mandate that he support the Mayor’s unlawful and un-American gun control policy straight to Hell.

The law-abiding are forcibly disarmed and at the mercy of murderous thugs while an incredibly undermanned and outgunned police department just can’t cope.

Every day the problem gets worse. The only answer is to respect the law-abiding people’s gun rights. Create workable, concealed weapon training and permit program.

J-Fed should simply collect his $300 K per year and pretend the mayor is right.


Anonymous said...

Da Mayor was on ABC Chicago News this evening praising J-Fed by saying "No one likes their boss." I have to disagree, I liked mine! They both know there is a terrible moral problem within the Department but they don't really care. The City is ready to purchase property for the possible Olympics at a price in the multi millions, money that could help pay for police officers pension as part of the city's share and give them their contract, but no one cares.

A Voice of Sanity said...

I'm no fan of hand guns, but it is insane to have a situation where only criminals have them, especially if the police response times are very long. The US and many other countries have turned the multi billion dollar illegal drug system over to the criminals - and cities want to turn over the means of enforcement as well?

You can't drive a car without a license; there's no reason not to have a comprehensive training system and license citizens to carry as well. Hell, for all we know they'd be better shots than the 4 NY cops who shot Amadou Diallo. They fired 41 shots at close range and only hit him 19 times.

Anonymous said...

Paul,you are lucky, you were able to leave this scum sucking city.Some of us have to hang on for several more years.Daley killed this city.It will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe the game of passing the buck,musical chairs that is the charade oon the CPD. Now lieutenants are being blamed for the mass chaos,lack of effective planning,lack of resources and manpower at the Taste of Chicago that resulted in several mini riots and four people shot,one dead...

Enjoy your trip Paul,this should be a huge wakeup to you. Get out there and talk to some of the OTJ coppers about what is really occurring on the CPD,you will be shocked.

Goodluck with the protest!!!

Lifelong NRA member who is residing far from the People's Republic of Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Paul , take a good look at this guy. I've said this time and again . He looks like the grown up version of the kid that played the banjo in Deliverance .

Anonymous said...

the real taste of chicago

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have any insight into this move? Orozco was very well liked by the rank and file,is this the second position that JFed held? Is this an appeasement move to Ike Carrothers? Very strange indeed...

Daley appoints new fire chief
Posted by Hal Dardick at 2:15 p.m.

Mayor Richard Daley on Thursday shuffled his cabinet, moving the fire commissioner to an office that oversees emergency communications and promoting the first deputy fire commissioner to the top post.

John W. Brooks, 50, will become the second African American chief of the Fire Department, pending approval by the City Council. The department has a history of tension between black and white firefighters, but Brooks said he hopes no further incidents occur.

Raymond Orozco, 49, the current fire chief, will be transferred to the Office of Emergency Management and Communications if the council approves that appointment.

Rue St. Michel said...

Hi Paul - welcome back to sweet-home-chicago.

I know you blogged on this awhile back but a bunch of us went down to Springfield to be present at the parole hearing of Willie Lewis. He murdered Chicago Police officer Patrick Crowley back in 1976.

Because of the strong CPD presence, Lewis's bid for parole was DENIED.

He'll be back up for review in 3 years. Just thought you and your readers would like to know.


Anonymous said...

I would not want to live in a city where police have guns and I dont.

Anonymous said...

The Judge ruled for Cozzi in the Superintendent's attempt to over ride the Police Board. Things would get much better on the CPD if they would start bringing back some of the good coppers that were thrown to the wolves.