Monday, July 21, 2008

Islamic Savages Must be Stopped

TEHRAN, Iran—Nine people including eight women aged 27 to 50 years-old are to be stoned to death for the capital crime of simple adultery.

They were convicted after Iran’s dubious version of a fair trial. They condemned prisoners apparently confessed while under Islamic interrogation.

The condemned face partial burial so they are immobilized during their killing. The women will be buried up to their necks and the man up to his waist.

This is a case where the accusers, government, religious leaders need to suffer this barbaric punishment much more than the people they will kill. It’s time to turn Iran into a giant burned out parking lot. The Islamic savages are much too dangerous to be allowed to live in this world. Let’s vaporize the bastards before they kill us first.

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Anonymous said...

yes,do not vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, these people are barbaric. We gave this country away by not going after those that are here illegally and our Presidential candidates want to give them all amnesty? Our guard is down and another 9-11 will occur, time to wake up America.

Anonymous said...

Paul, ya would have thought there would have been 100 responses to this one! With all the mistakes Bush made, at least he did more than all the liberal talkers,
bullshitters, activist thieves disguised as liberals, etc, to free the women of Afganistan than anyone else. Up until the US Military invaded, whats in your foto was going on everyday. I hope history is much kinder to GW than the present.
Keep up the good fight Paul, and keep your guns oiled.....