Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dennis Farina Took The Easy Way Out.

Los Angeles-Dennis Farina is the Chicago cop turned actor who was turned into a criminal defendant by an over-zealous and unforgiving LAX Police Department. Farina just paid a fine on par with a minor traffic ticket.

Farina could have easily won this small battle but his airline tickets alone would have exceeded the monetary punishment he accepted had he asked for his day in court.

Today Farina’s lawyer, Blair Berk slipped into court, under the media's radar one day before Farina’s scheduled arraignment and settled the matter for good. Berk pled Farina to a single count for a nominal fine and some unsupervised probation. Berk was able to get the prosecutors to agree to waive Farina’s appearance before the judge.

Okay, I hate this resolution because Farina broke no law and instead simply forgot he had that gun in his briefcase. However, trying the case would have required numerous court appearances, lots more good money and a considerable interruption of Farina’s life.

I salute Blair Berk for her exceptionally fine work done in the best interest of her client. Berk turned a criminal complaint into something parallel to a parking ticket where the fine is mailed to the court. If you ever find yourself in trouble Blair Berk is on the job.


Anonymous said...

BTW I agree on your Susan Atkins post. But not on Farina. Let him put himslef in her shoes. He may then relize that he's just a whiner.

He was a disgrace to those of us that have been responsibly fighting for OUR gun rights.

Hes not a kid that just claim mommy I didn't know.

Socialism Sucks said...

She's certainly no berk is she?

And pretty nice to look at considering she spends most of her time in courtrooms up to her ears in legal pleadings.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how Dennis Farina connects to Susan Atkins.

I agree that this was just a simple mistake and he shouldn't have to jump through hoops to deal with it.

However, I am concerned that it was handled this way simply because of who he was. Would I have been treated the same way?

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Farina did not fight those ass holes but at least it's over.

Good lawyer!

Anonymous said...

Lets see Dennis exercised his 2nd amendment rights by having a gun.Violated a minor policy of the airlines.Didnt attempt any violence.Whats the problem?

Paddy O'Chair said...

Dennis Farina is not a whiner. He was a Chicago Police Officer of excellant repute that forgot to put his gun up before he flew. If the prosecuters in broke-down Cali focused on gun carriers that rob and rape, instead of law-abiding citizens, maybe you wouldn't be so broke-down. I think someone on high is jealous of the way he parlayed a law enforcement career into stardom.