Thursday, July 31, 2008

Century City Stabbing Murder Investigation Takes A Sudden Turn

Century City, CA --The L.A. Times is reporting that the FBI is involved in an investigation of James and Pamela Fayed's gold trading business. The investigation was underway at the time of Pamela Fayed’s murder.

In high octane divorces such as Fayed’s criminal accusations by one spouse against the other are common. My obvious thought’s go to a really nasty betrayal giving rise to an incredibly volatile motive for murder.

James Fayed has retained Los Angeles Criminal lawyer Mark J Werksman and it's safe to say Fayed is no longer answering any questions posed by law enforcement.

If there is the slightest amount of probable cause for criminal fraud you can count on law enforcement pulling that trigger and arresting James Fayed just to lift his passport if for no other reason pending any trial. Let me go out on a limb and predict that a quick arrest unrelated to murder is in the cards.

Updated! Click here for the very latest information on this investigation

Here’s what the L.A. Times has to say.

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