Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Obama Is Clear And Present Danger To Gun Owners And All Americans

Fairfax, VAThe NRA plans to participate in our upcoming Presidential election in a big way. With unlimited funds from billionaire George Soros funding every Leftwing, crackpot politician the NRA will help level the playing field with a $40 million-dollar war chest.

We had a significant victory with last week’s Heller decision but there is much more to be done. One or two changes on the Supreme Court may lead to the end of the Second Amendment.

The greatest threat to American’s right to protect their families is Barack Hussein Obama. He voted for every draconian gun ban he could and is on the record as supporting a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. Today however he claims to have a more moderate opinion. Only a total fool would accept Obama’s new position.

Obama’s loyalty is to the corrupt Chicago Democratic Mob, terrorists, bombers and crooks that helped make him the candidate he is today. Americans must see through Obama’s public relations smokescreen and reject this exceptionally unqualified and dangerous candidate.

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Anonymous said...

I wont be voting for Mr. Obama for this very reason.I dont want him to appoint any Supreme Court Justices who will destroy the Constitution.