Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pamela Goudie Fayed, Century City Mall Area Murder Mystery

Century City, CA—Pamela Goudie Fayed, 44 of Camarillo in Ventura County was stabbed to death Monday evening in an nearby parking structure of the Century City Mall. Witnesses heard the victim’s blood-chilling loud screams that echoed throughout the mall until her last breath.

Century City Mall area is a place where crime is the exclusive province of some upscale shoplifters and a few dishonest store employees. This is as safe a place as can be found around any trendy mall. These types of crimes are unheard of where the high fashion ladies spend huge amounts of money so they dress and look wonderful.

I can’t help but wonder what Fayed needed for that extraordinary look for a special event in her second coming as a divorcee? The mother of two children was there for a reason. Maybe she was there for something more mundane. She was at a building located at at 1875 Century Park East, that houses officers for lawyers, accountants, movie producers and others. Perhaps Fayed was there to take care of her many business ventures. By now police know this answer for sure.

Who was the killer? Witnesses reported seeing a man fleeing inside a red SUV. It’s difficult for anyone to remain inconspicuous in any red vehicle. I think the red vehicle is a red herring perhaps driven by someone afraid of being victimized like Fayed.

Was this a professional hit or the personal act by her killer? That’s just what police are asking. With today’s motion pictures even amateur killers can do a somewhat professional job. CSI and Law and Order always reveal the latest ways police locate evidence and solve crimes.

Police have all but ruled out robbery and are focusing in on that old story of the high end nasty divorce gone wrong.

The widower, 45 year-old James Fayed’s life is about to change over the killing of his wife and it may be far more then he may be able to stand. Together the couple owned Goldfinger Coin and Bullion Sales and a second Internet business, e-Bullion.

Fayed is related to the owner of Harrod's Department Store In London, UK.

The couple was in court having a difficult time equitably dividing tens of millions of dollars in assets. The money involved is an obvious motive for murder.

There is no time like the present for the hapless widower to be unavailable to police and the LAPD interrogation confessional as he follows the advice by a great criminal lawyer. The widower’s troubled brother, Anthony Fayed had his own bad blood with the murdered victim and he too will need a lawyer of his own.

Both men will need a top notch defense investigator to uncover the woman’s activities and to find others she may have had conflicts with.

I strongly suspect that Pamela Fayed’s Killer also knew where and why she was visiting the Century City Mall. I’d hope the LAPD has examined her car, home and computer for surveillance GPS equipment, keystroke collection programs and bugging equipment. This stuff is frequently employed by spouses trying to gain advantage in divorce proceedings.

The family of Pamela Fayed may well need their own private investigator to do a little fact checking and some things the LAPD can’t or won’t do in pursuit of a solution to this troubling case.

I believe that the widower has the ability to return to or settle in a country that may not honor extradition. This is a case that may well provide major roadblocks and landmines that will inhibit those normal solutions.

Police have not formally announced either a suspect or person of interest in this crime.

Stayed tuned folks this will be yet another case waiting to be tried by media gossip long before the facts are discussed in any courtroom.

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