Saturday, November 28, 2009

The People’s Court Dispensing Justice

For over 230 years our lawmakers have made law after law to regulate and control Americans. Today our government is so over-grown and bloated, few Americans can escape a day in the People’s Court anymore. It may be technical violations of obscure laws or modern robot cameras bringing more and more Americans before our courts.

Our courts have become a source of government operating revenue and they have gotten way out-of-control.

The kindly and seemingly wise Judge Joe Wapner or that somewhat sexy Judge Marilyn Milian are the exception for the American judiciary. Unfortunately, many wise and wonderful lawyers ascend to the bench only to become pompous asses.

We have too many laws and too many exceptions to our Constitutional rights that have been made by lawmakers and our Supreme Court. We lose more freedom and liberty every day that we live.

We have to demand that our judges be reasonable or risk our courts engaging in wholesale tyranny.

More and more American judges have taken on the persona of Judge Roland Freisler. Had Freisler not been killed in an allied bombing raid that hit his courtroom he would have made the “A” list of celebrity defendants at the Nuremberg War Crimes trial.
Freisler presided over the trials of over 5,000 people in Germany charged with offenses as trivial as speaking out against the Nazi regime to distant or close involvement with plots to kill Adolph Hitler. Freisler’s verdicts and punishments all ended in execution. But because these killing was all sanctioned by a court, it gave the appearance of due process.

See and hear Hitler’s most notorious jurist in action:


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