Sunday, November 29, 2009

Global Warming Hoax Is Falling Apart

They now call it Climategate. The bogus theory that the earth is in real danger and that global warming will bring doomsday. That is unless we earthlings throw away billions in cash and give up energy consumption, planes, trains and automobiles.

This pseudo-science is the darling of the left wing American politicians. This really ties into the larger consorted revolutionary effort to make America weak and incapable of stopping the in-progress Communist takeover.

I don’t suggest for a second that limiting pollution, and looking for renewable energy sources is not important for our quality of life. We simply need to exterminate Green politics for the unworthy distraction it has become.


Anonymous said...

When I said Global warming is a Hoax during a Congressional debate, Mike Quigley went cross eyed defending Global warming. Wonder how much money he had donated to him for his campaign from the Al Gore types to keep the lie going??

Ed Skinner said...

Plants need carbon dioxide to grow and, because there was so much of it available in the early Early, plant life over populated the young planet and polluted the atmosphere with exhaled waste, oxygen. In so doing, plants changed not only the climate but the very air we evolved to breathe.

One creature's poo is another's fertilizer.

It is only man's ego that leads him to say he is the highest form of life on this planet while failing to complete the sentence with the words, "so far."

To quote Forrest Gump's mother, "Who knows what tomorrow will bring!"

Personally, I'm with Professor Falken (War Games) who predicted it would be the descendants of today's bees who will be the next dominant species when we do ourselves in and clear the way for the next stage of evolution.

Anonymous said...

It is time for a full-blown Fraud Investigation of Mr. Albert Gore Jr. Where are the Federal Investigators on this one? Laying off Gore, failing to do their jobs, and allowing political correctness and political pressure to take presidence over their Oath of Office as Federal Agents to impartially investigate and enforce our Laws to the best of their Abilities? Their level of corruption seems about as high as the level of corruption in Chicago, IL. politics. As usual, a few little fish get caught, and the big fish always gets away, ala Mayor richard Daley of Chicago, in true FED tradition.

Anonymous said...

Its 30F here in chi-town,I call BS.Last winter we had below zero temps,no global warming here.