Thursday, November 19, 2009

Civil War In America And Wealth Redistribution

Washington, D.C.—It should be abundantly clear to all by now that Barack Obama and his cronies are Communists. Their actions rather than admissions prove that point.

Every day the Obama Administration takes another hard turn to the Left that I consider un-American and an intentional effort to destroy our economy. With a destroyed economy they think it will be easier to control Americans like me.

Hungry and dependant families seem to always cooperate better with a benevolent government.

Obama is seizing businesses and banks as he hands billions in newly printed cash to his supporters and crooked friends. At some point I expect to happen very soon, the optimism of Conservatives will end and a Civil War will begin.

I really expect that any day there will be a shot fired in this country that will be heard around the world. History rather than Conservative rhetoric tells us this will happen. Americans have been hoarding firearms and ammunition for over a year in anticipation of combat, not new gun laws as some would like to believe.

What our Communist leaders are not expecting is that their personal property and wealth will become the spoils of war. If folks like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are lucky enough to be allowed to live they will be left homeless and destitute.

The property of members and supporters of the criminal regime will be simply handed over to patriots who have earned it by protecting the American way of life.

I don’t think it is realistic for our American born Communists to believe that our military and police will abandon their oaths to our Constitution and open fire on fellow non-Communist Americans. Instead they will be on the side of their families and neighbors.

Obama’s supporters will see redistribution of wealth but it won’t be the way they envisioned. Perhaps they should choose another direction while they still can. Politicians in our Congress can answer to the voters rather than blindly following a despot. In the long run it will be their wealth that gets redistributed first by American patriots.


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