Sunday, November 15, 2009


Washington, D.C.—Citing the failure of state and local government to effectively run their own public transportation systems, Barack Obama has a better idea.

The plan is to seize control of all public transportation. The TSA will be in charge of security and eventually all riders must scan their national identity card to board. The illegal aliens need not worry because they will be issued the cards freely.

If you like the way IPASS works on toll roads, so does Big Brother since the databases store your movements on every toll road. The people using public transportation will be feeding their movement information into a vast new federal database too!

Obama’s says the mass transit takeover is for our safety. As I recall, the Nazis made a lot of creative changes for public safety too.

The TSA will be searching passengers whenever possible, again for our safety. Don’t you want to be safe???

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Rail Claimore said...

This is a great back-door way to make trains and buses victim disarmament zones. Most local transit systems in this country allow for legal concealed carry.