Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newsgathering Tools For Bloggers

Los Angeles, CA—Many of my visitors think they can do what I do only better. Many have asked me what is needed to do so. I will reveal the not so secret needed information.

I thought I’d share with you the ultimate tools bloggers need to dazzle their visitors. The best tools will only help you if you are cleaver and aggressive enough to capture the content needed. Blogging could be a full time and well paying job if you can break news and promote your site.

You need a Computer and here I’d suggest a higher end Apple product like a Macbook Pro. A super fast Internet connection to upload video is very important.

The Iternet has great and free blog packages like Blogger or Wordpress. They provide easy instructions to get started.

You need both a video and digital camera. I suggest starting with a Flip HD model for video and a quality digital camera for high resolution stills. The Flip camera can get you in and out of difficult places without attracting attention or obstructionist security workers.

To get really great video and audio you must get a serious video Camera such as the JCV GY-H100U, High Definition camera. Whatever you get, should not use tape or DVD media. A hard drive or card media camera will make your life easy and save you hours.

If you have a higher end camera like the JVC you need one, or better yet two wireless lavalier microphones like those made by Sennheiser. Good audio is a necessity.

A tripod and two lights are a must. One is for back lighting interview subjects, and one to light the front.

Your Mackbook Pro comes with Imovie which will give you enough creative control to edit like a professional. The benefit of the Apple product is free lessons and solid support with the software at any Apple store.

You can upgrade to the industry standard Final Cut Pro that will allow you unlimited ability to do almost anything with video.

You upload your edited video on Youtube or any of the other video free hosting sites. Then you embed the video from the hosting site right into your blog with ease.

It is always better to have a helper for shooting stand-ups where you are in front of the camera. Always remember to stay conversational and not sound as though you’re reading or reciting your message. Relax and be yourself. Don’t try an emulate someone else that never works well unless you're Jim Cary.

Keep your sound bites SHORT and sweet. Place yourself in front of the action whenever you can, flat backgrounds are boring.

If you want to cover an event such as a convention get press credentials from the media relations people working with the organization you want to cover.

Don’t just film news happening. Interview the witnesses and news makers yourself. Learn how to use public records to support you stories. Shoot them and edit them into your video.

A basic Photoshop program will help you create snappy graphics for your blog.

There are schools you can attend or you can get tons of information on the Internet. Here is a handy site for more information.

You are entitled to access like any other member of the press. Get press credentials! Don't take no for an answer, ever!

Here is that sweet little JVC camera:


Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks, This is great info!
I already do several of these things, and have a flip
but I never thought of the press credentials.

dan said...

Good suggestions, but I would recommend using the Canon SD980. It has 12 megapixels and shoots HD video so you only have to carry one camera.