Friday, February 19, 2010

Joe Stack: Terrorist Or Patriot?

Austin, TX—Having twice been financially destroyed, a small businessman gave up on getting fair treatment from the IRS. Joe Stack loaded his plane with fuel and used it in a Kamikaze attack against his tormentors.

I read Stack’s rambling suicide message that had valid complaints and showcased his obvious inability to get the government monster off of his back. Like Tim McVeigh’s bombing, Stack’s airplane attack was indiscriminate and subjected innocent people to death, injury and property damage. The tyrants that deserved punishment escaped.

Was Stack delusional? If so, did government tyranny put him in the emotional crisis that ignited his rage? This deserves an exhaustive investigation. Failure to do so is asking for more attacks by desperate Americans.

I don’t think the Bolshevik rhetoric and action coming from the Whitehouse and Congress reassured Stack that he was not a government extortion target. Stack sent a clear message to an out-of-control government to take its hands out of his pocket. Being punitive to Joe Stack cost the government this time. Government has been wrecking too many lives like that of Joe Stack.

George Washington, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin were all terrorists willing to risk certain death for demanding freedom. They, of course were patriots of the first order who secured the freedom today’s leaders reject.

When you threaten freedom there is also a risk that you could be a target like the Austin IRS officials yesterday. American politicians are far better protected than Adolph Hitler and many of the worst despots. That protection is viewed as a license to make extortionate demands on and control the population.

These days Americans fear government when our founding fathers arranged for those roles to be reversed. Smug, safe and immune government officials are dangerous to freedom.

We have a police state by definition and government is in every aspect of our lives. We must change that equation if freedom is going to survive in this country. We have a duty to protect each other from oppressive government and we failed Joe Stack. There would never been an Oklahoma Bombing if Americans bothered to protect the rights of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

Enough Americans could have assembled and obstructed the deadly ATF assault in Waco, TX. The government would never have opened fire on several thousand citizens demanding an end to the armed invasion, as they positioned themselves between the rogue government agents and the men, women and children that perished.

The only response we can expect from the Obama Administration over Joe Stack is to crack down on the rights of owners of private airplanes.

We don’t have to agree with Joe Stack or his deadly method. We should all agree that Stack and other disenfranchised productive Americans deserve our protection.

We must band together and make it clear to government officials when we have had enough. The Tea Party events have not made an impression. Is it time to increase the volume of the message that we demand freedom and liberty?


Second City Wifey said...

Great post. Living in the City of Chicago, having to pay high taxes it gets very frustrating when having to deal with red tape especially towards things that we deserve. It is frustrating that I live in a nices neighborhood, only to have to see more and more families living in houses with 10 plus people just so their kids can go to "the good schools." I know I am just rambling but it is not hard to see how this Stack guy got to where he ended up. It was scary to watch on T.V. I wonder who first reported that it also housed the FBI offices?

You have a great blog, I will visit often.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Crime File

"We don’t have to agree with Joe Stack or his deadly method. We should all agree that Stack and other disenfranchised productive Americans deserve our protection"

Why couldn't some one have worked with Stack to ease his anguish, given him a financial cushion, or bail him out like Wall Street. But of course Joe Stack wasn't too big to fail.

The question really is - was Stack treated fairly or was he really the cause of all his own problems?

If he was being treated unfairly we must band together and make it clear that we have had enough of being exploited, raped and pillaged by Government Employees & Officials that are "Immune" from Accountability.

We are not peons or slaves, nor are we stupid, we say no to abuse in all its forms.

Anonymous said...


HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

Paul the Tea Party folks HAVE made a difference. Rather than just sitting behind a computer mouse, their out their making a change and standing for freedom.

Anonymous said...

To above investigator it's actually they're out there. Not their

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about this guys financial issues to make an informed judgment. All I do know is that killing innocent people for your "cause" is terrorism, plain and simple. He was an asshat because that is exactly what he did.