Monday, February 15, 2010

Hooter’s Girls Deserve Better

Okay it’s a tough economy but One Hooter’s establishment had a work environment that must never be allowed.

Yes, I view the Hooter’s girls as a form of entertainment, but that should never degenerate into something ugly.

Undercover Boss is a reality show that provided insight into dehumanization of some young women trying to make an honest living. Hooters should always be a fun place to dine or work. What I saw was anything but fun.

Let’s hope lessons were learned by management and staff alike. Nobody deserves to be part of a carnival side show.

Watch the video:


Anonymous said...

If I were the Hooters CEO, I would have fired that pompous asshat manager on the spot!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

The manager wasn't fired. He kinda defended his store's profit margin, but agreed if the CEO didn't like how he treated his employees, he would stop.